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My son has a lisp...he is easily understandable, but I am not sure if this "requires" speech therapy. If he does need therapy is this something we could do ourselves (we homeschool), or is this something that would need professional attention? I think schools evaluate children for speech abnormalities, and while his lisp doesn't bother me or him, I don't want to neglect something that may be important
sparkle...although I don't get to say it often kind laughter hmmm....i'll have to think of more.
Quote: Originally Posted by scrapadoozer My dad says fannyhole instead of a**hole which sounds so creepy and much slimier than the word he is trying to censor. Bleck! OMG...I have read all the previous posts and I was fine until I hit this one....:Puke : Quote: I hate petting too. What the h*ll are people doing to each other that *that* word is an appropriate way of describing it?! The words I most hate: pass...
prayers for the family
: and
and :
That sounds great So glad y'all have found a place for all of you
i chose choclate and mint... but my favorite is chocolate with peanut butter (preferably dark chocolate) sounds like MAN wants something decadent????:LOL (just don't ask dh to get it for you)
I have only met two celebrities that I can think of: Kathleen Battle and Samuel Ramey (opera)...both were very nice and very encouraging to a young music student One of my good friend's mom was on Oprah...she wrote one of Oprah's Book Club choices. Oh...and I flew to Scotland on the same plane as Seal. (He sat further back than me...and we were in coach )
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