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Quote: Originally Posted by Sheena I thought that was only in the case of protein consumption coupled with carb fasting. That was what I thought, too : I started checking my blood sugar today (I have a glucometer). And it is well within normal range--fasting and 1.5-2hours after eating. I guess I'm fine.
I am sorry As far as you being a hypocrite...forget that! Who knows better the pain of dealing with that guilty burden than someone who carries it? I am there with you, mama
OMGoodness...I am so excited for you!!!! Enjoy a day of rest and relaxing...and tomorrow you get to meet your sweet new babies Wishing you a peaceful and joyful birth
I am taking Prenatal Forte vitamins, and getting between 60-80 grams of protein/day. My midwife suggested I try to increase my protein intake to 80-100 gr./day so I am making smoothies at night now.
Thanks I have been keeping a diet diary the last two days, and I would be very surprised if the amount of food I am eating is inadequate. I have a Lap-Band, so I can't eat much at one time...but I eat almost constantly. I guess I will just watch it and see what happens
My last 3 midwife visits I have had ketones in my urine. The first 2 times it showed up, it was just trace amounts. The last time she said it was +2. Not sure what this means She didn't seem concerned, but I am just curious. Everything else looks perfect. Anyone know?
We had planned on dh having a vas. b/c we are "done" having babies. I made not one but TWO appts. and I cancelled them both. I started reading about complications of vasectomies and auto-immune reactions...and just can't let him do it. He's willing--I'm not. So, we are thinking of doing an IUD. I have all the medical literature on it, and am reading up to be informed. I think it will be the best choice for us. We are getting so close now...I'm trying to enjoy...
If you love it, I think you should use the name anyway. I have a cousin who is 2 weeks younger than my oldest sister--they have the same first name. We always just called them by their first and middle names when we were together to avoid confusion (Jenifer Ellen and Jenifer Kay). And you know what, the rest of us were a little jealous b/c they were "the Jennifers" Seriously, if the name feels right to you, don't let a cousin you never see stop you from using it.
Thinking stay-in-but-turn-around-baby thoughts for you. Hang in there, mamacita!
I'm here with you, paisley I have had PPD after the births of each of my children, and I do feel that it's likely to happen again. I have a plan in place with my midwife, and I will probably begin taking a low-dose anti-depressant shortly after (or maybe even right before) she is born. I know that is a little controversial here, but I feel that I just "lost" the enjoyable parts of my postpartum time with my others. I really don't want that to happen to me again. Plus,...
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