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liseux, I did not mean to imply that bad outcomes do not happen in unmanaged births, nor did I mean to imply that if something does go wrong in a natural birth that the mother is somehow responsible. ABSOLUTELY NOT!(caps for emphasis--not screaming ) I simply meant that life in itself is unpredictable and at times scary, but that doesn't mean that we should fear it inherently. I think what I am trying to communicate, maybe not very well, is that yes there are...
FANTASTIC!!!!!! Congrats on the birth of your son...thank you for sharing
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu Birth can be so scary and unpredictable. Leilalu, I am so sorry you feel this way, but please know that it isn't birth that is scary and unpredictable--It is the medical manangement of the natural process that is scary and unpredicable. Even though natural, unmanaged birth can still be unpredictable, it isn't scary...Birth is as safe as life gets! I think it is a sad fact that so many women are made to...
Morning Em Good for you for quitting smoking....I have been EXACTLY where you are (quitting for pg, then starting again after baby is born) . What finally helped me quit was watching my mom suffer through a massive heart attack when she was only in her 50s. That did it for me b/c I never want to cause so much pain to my kids and dh b/c of a habit I have control over. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! BE STRONG, MAMA!!!! PM if you need some support
(whiney voice) MAN...I miss all the fun!!!! Can we continue the party today, or was it just for Friday???? Frankly, I just want some right now, cause I just woke up...but later I really NEED one of the buttery nipples with whipped cream! gingerlane: HAPPY BIRTHDAY jenn: Congrats on your Em: I didn't think you were blowing me off I just thought you hadn't gotten around to sending it yet ETA: Ms. Mom....I need to take some lessons from you on...
mmmmm...buttery nipples sound yummy (now there's a sentence I didn't ever expect to write:LOL) I tried a christini the other day for the first time (raspberry vodka, cranberry juice, fresh blueberry at the bottom and sugar on the glass rim....mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm....a little sip of heaven!) Em..I'll PM you but it may be tomorrow... I'll be the party pooper and step out for the night....baby boy needs me:P
she sounds a little s at least she won't be charging you rent this month, though
Emilie...I haven't gotten it yet I wasn't gonna ask 'cause I knew you've been busy No way I'd let that go by without some thank you's for ya! mamaley...I MUST know.....what are buttery nipples????!!!! :LOL
Joining the party...sipping a Heineken...and checking the forums Good luck w/your move,Emilie....where are y'all headed?
Hi mellybean, I have the name of one lady who is certifying through the same organization as me...she just moved up there a few months ago, so her name may not be known up there yet... Wanda O'Keefe Provisional Doula (BOCES) www.BirthingOptions.com Serving the greater Hartford/Springfield areas Naturally_Nurtured@ifroggy.com Cell: 601-416-9874 HTH...best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy and your birth
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