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Just got it today. I know I'm overweight but it also classified my dd as overweight even though she's ALL muscle. I haven't had a chance to do anything other than create my profile. Maybe I'll get a chance after the kids retire for the night. I'll still have to fight the mr. over who gets to use it but maybe we can challenge each other to a boxing match to see who gets to use it first.
-literacy support for a school -receptionist -tutor on line or off -create and sell homeschool resources -grow gourmet salad greens and fresh herbs to sell to restaurants -watch kids before and after school
I've heard of this. My partner is Italian and still has family there. (one makes Asti ) Do both partners have to be Italian or is one enough? I would love to live there. The only problem is that my DP's profession is part of a highly regulated guild there and only one person in town is allowed to practice. The job is usually kept within the families. You may be able to buy out a family if they have no one to pass the business down to but it is $$$$ plus you have to...
On the visual clutter scale we're a 1.5. The other scale was too confusing. All entrances are clear, no fire hazards or infestations, but we do have "major issues." One is a roof that's been leaking for 2 years that we are constantly patching and another one is due to a border collie mix that destroys woodwork like nobody's business. Many of my doors have claw markings and she usually has full access to whatever room we're in but sometimes she wants to go in a closed off...
My grandma hosted her fair share of funerals back in the day. We'd be sitting in her sun parlor and out of nowhere she'd say, "Right there is where we had Aunt Mary's casket but we set Charlie up over there." Funeral homes often bring a body to a church so I can't see why they wouldn't be able to set something up at a home. Call around and ask.
Like a pp said, even if you went back to customer service they'd let you keep the lower price. It was their mistake. Definitely ask his drs (both primary care and specialist if he has one) if they have samples for his meds. Also, your county may have a prescription discount card for low income individuals that don't qualify for medicaid. If those ideas don't pan out using your (or,shh, someone else's) AAA card will give you a discount at the pharmacy.
I love bats! They are so cute. I wish I could get some to live in a bat house here. The in-laws have them at their cottage and there are almost no mosquitos in the evening. I understand your fear though, OP. Even though I know logically that snakes are a good part of our ecosystem they still freak me out when I see one. If one of my neighbors were to open say a "snake house" I'd be putting the for sale sign up quicker than a bat outta hell.
I know it's hard but OMG that picture had me. Maybe you could sell the picture to an advertising agency or greeting card company.
I think some of their leather ones are okay but I would never spend that much on a bag or want someone to spend that much on a purse for me. If you want to shell out the $$ I'll give you a list of things I want for my garden My cute red leather Liz Claiborne purse still looks new minus the pen leak on the inside fabric. I got it on clearance for $12 8 or 9 years ago. So yes, an expensive bag may hold up for years but less expensive ones can too even if they aren't a...
I'm so sorry. That is a totally sucky situation. I hope there's some way that you'll be able to be covered and still have money to live (and more too.)
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