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We could go carless if DP was transferred to a different store. He currently works 45 minutes away but there is one store within walking distance and another within biking distance. I live less than 3/10 of a mile away from a bus stop and live within a mile of 2 grocery stores, a walmart, Jo-Ann fabrics, a book store, a discount store, a gym, Lowes, K-mart, a pharmacy, our bank, the post office, a couple restaurants, a junkstore, a thrift store, Sam's club, an arcade and...
I hate the 4th. I love The Declaration of Independence. I love Independence Day but I hate "THE FOURTH OF JULY." I have a scared puppy and 2 highly sensitive kids so...yeah... no fun for me tonight. But I think it would really suck to be a recently returned veteran suffering from PTSD right now. You love your country, served it, and now a bunch of drunk s think it's a good time to blow off any class c firework they can get their hands on. I remember my uncle, years after...
Wow. Maybe we should have a "wow... just wow" smiley.
An old "friend" of mine was the queen of passive aggressiveness. She always did the one two punch of compliment-putdown. Like "That shirt is really pretty. I can't tell, is it blue or is it black?" When she knows it's a black but old shirt.
I'm in my thirties and still look really young. Like, get carded to buy a lottery ticket young. I had my first when i was 19 and she turned 14 yesterday. I wish I had more snappy comebacks for all the rude remarks. Usually when someone says something I stare,blink and say "I don't know what you're talking about." If they continue on about how young I look I just say something like "Thank you, you're so kind. My years of sunscreen use must have done some good."
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Mr and Mrs [Lastname]. : When DH and I started dating his father warned him quietly that he didn't like being called [Firstname]. Not that I had, I was far too terrified of him; but he was a teacher and had the whole first names=disrespect thing going on. Since we've been married GMIL assures me MIL and FIL wouldn't mind being called by their first names, but I just can't bring myself to do it. So it's kinda...
Quote: Originally Posted by greeny For me, it was never a matter of oh-I-want-to-be-skinny. For me it was about control, about being in a new situation I wasn't sure was right for me, about fear of failure, and, really, about having an existential crisis. It was pure hell. This was me as well. I'm on the heavier side of normal on the BMI scale now but when I felt like my life was out of control I couldn't eat. I didn't feel like I was "good...
Just reading the thread title gave me the willies. I hate that word. Give me underwear, knickers, or underpants anyday. Panties- never!
The three things that get me are smell,sink crud, and way past their prime sponges. If I see sink crud at your house I will clean it up. If you only have an icky sponge to clean it up with I will be back with a fresh one and some cleaning supplies. General mess, laundry, dust bunnies, project clutter, heck even mud in the foyer don't bother me but sink crud.
Watermelon, Harvati Cheese, and Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips all on one plate am I -pregnant? -pms-ing? -wierd? -lacking an essential nutrient? or -a culinary genius? mmmmm. It tastes so good.
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