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Is the smell coming from inside the bottle or from the cap? It seems like the cap and treads would be the place for the wee germies to hibernate. Maybe let it soak in vinegar and then give it a good scrub with Ecover soap followed by another vinegar dip.
As much as it broke my heart, we dropped out of girl scouts this year for a similar reason. ALL adults had to be registered members to even attend a meeting or outing and NO siblings were allowed under any circumstances. Couple that with a leader who only focused on fundraising- cookie sales,okay. Cookie sales at the mall with the leader yelling at the kids to sell, not cool. Magazine sales with a nasty call to say we didn't meet the quota- BUH BYE I'm not sure if the...
Huge Huge vibes to all involved in fighting this fire. I pray it passes quickly.
"Oh what an exciting time! How's everything progressing?" It covers whatever option the girl is choosing , is supportive, and allows her the opportunity to talk about whatever is on her mind. Save the congratulations until after the delivery when every mother deserves it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DashsMama I seem to have the opposite problem that alot of you folks have. At the potlucks I go to all the moms are trying to prove how healthy they cook/feed their family. The tables are full of under-seasoned lentil salads, bland brown rice dishes, and whole wheat pasta and veggie salads with not a sprinkle of vinegar nor shake of salt upon them. I can tell that this is not how these people regularly eat too, because their...
You can never be too old for swim team I prefer to start it when my kids are comfortable enough to navigate the locker room by themselves. So, 9 or 10-ish is ideal for our family.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Rotten. There *IS* a bus stop fairly close to here, but realistically it only will take you in to down town. AND buses only pick up there in the morning and drop off in late afternoon. Any other time of day and you're SOL. That's pretty much the situation here. We're in walking distance to a bus stop and it will work fine if you just want to go the 2-3 miles down the road to the mall. It comes every 2 hours....
She may have mentioned it to you because it might interfere with her freedom to plan outings. Such as, she may want to get together Weds afternoon but she has to check with her parents first to see if they need her to babysit or carpool siblings.
Quote: Originally Posted by alysmommy2004 Almost always! Always in public, and at home always after #2. Now, if it's just #1, there is no mess, and one of my kids is trying to kill the other, then I'll run out without washing my hands. same here
Our yard is okay but not great. We have dandelions and weeds that grow faster than the grass. We keep the street side tidy looking but I do feel bad for our backyard neighbors. DD's shoddily built "fort rotten apple" and a rusted out rototiller are probably not their cup of tea. We've planted some small arborvitaes along the chain link fence line to help soften their view. I figure if they really can't stand it they can plant another row or build a solid fence.
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