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I don't know what your timeline is for introducing foods other than breast milk but we had a manual baby food mill to puree our food into baby food. I think BRU has an electric one, which might work but you couldn't take it out and about. Also, a bottle steamer is useful if you plan on pumping at all. Other than that...baby gates? I don't know, I tend to avoid the r'us stores as much as possible.
This will be my 2nd VBAC. I had a placental abruption that required an emergency c-section. Let me tell you, I would rather have 100 natural births than 1 c-section. That surgery hurt!
Quote: I keep nagging DH to get the baby's room cleared out so we can paint, etc. and get it ready. I need to start buying my stash! same here. I have a post it of the sites I want to buy from when we get cleaned out stuck on the monitor. It doesn't help that the baby's "room" (she/he'll be sleeping with us for the first year so more like the baby stuff room) houses the computer and over 800 books...definitely a project for the mr.
I'm at 18.5 weeks and have gained 2 lbs. I think I'm pulling fat from other areas because my cheeks and neck have thinned out and my legs are more slender. I hope I can stay on the lower end of things this time. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to swell up after delivery which is always fun.:
Maybe you could listen to the reasons why your husband feels the way he does in a non-combative atmosphere. I think men have a lot invested in their privates and it transfers to their sons. If he can talk out the reason why he's for it, he may realise that his argument is more of a personal reaction to a past event. When you hear his side, you may be able to work together to find the least damaging solution. You may also want to ask your doctor what the circ rates are...
We'll be cloth diapering again. Plain old chinese prefolds with a wrap or wool soaker. Our first was exclusively CD. We started with the second but had to switch to disposables when the plumbing problems started. (too much water in a clogged septic system is not good) Now that we've spent the money to fix the septic problem and bought a water conserving washer, we'll go back to cloth.
or maybe that should be brand NVC'in new... I finally decided to register after lurking here for years. My name is Jessica and I'm due Nov 26. I look forward to sharing with all of you.
New Posts  All Forums: