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I use mother a lot also... mother trucker mother mucker and, my newest since Oct, motherHuckabee
Quote: We are big potty humor fans here, nothing too immature for us! Okay, then this one's for you- When my sister and I were little (like 4 & 6 ) we'd put underwear over our head astronaut style and jump on the bed singing- "Smelly space! Smelly space! We're floating around a smelly space!" Good thing we only did it with clean undies otherwise I'd be really embarassed
I don't wear one. My arthtritis has my fingers changing in size from moment to moment so it's difficult to keep it on or take it off depending on the time of day. Never had a diamond, only a band that's been replaced a few times. It now rests in the jewlery box so that I don't lose another one. DP wears his to keep from getting hit on at work. He's really cute and even with a wedding band some girls still try...
Nice furniture, a beautiful rug, new windows, and window treatments for my living room.
wool=full, with an "uh" sound
Yeah, it gets better with age and when they can move themselves into a nice position. The first few months were pretty stationary then the sling helped around 4-5 months. Now we're an eat and go pair.
I think you can do almost anything while nursing. Within the last week I've paid bills, brushed my teeth, vacuumed, made dinner- all while bf'ing. However, I think today took the cake. I was finishing grouting the bathroom floor when my toddler came up to nurse. And you know what? I could grout AND nurse at the same time. I felt like superwoman! What amazing feats can you do while bf'ing?
Yes we do. We were talking about this at dinner last night. My MIL only needs 4-5 hours of sleep a night and cannot understand why anyone would need more than that. She feels morally superior to anyone who sleeps more than she does when it's really a combination of environment, genetics, and activity level that set the needs for sleep. I'm sure if I spent my day playing bridge and watching soaps I could get by on the same amount of sleep as she does. But, as I am...
I don't think it would be out of line to give yourself the gift of marriage counselling for mother's day.: Or maybe you could meet with the pastoral care staff at your church. (then call some rehab places and send your MIL off for a long overdue vacation. If you really want to mess with her you could give her a People magazine about celebrity rehabispas while making an appt at a state funded clinic... )
We share a cell phone so it's a crap shoot who answers it. It annoys DP's family to no end that they can't have access to just him but he hates the cell and only will take it when absolutely necessary. I carry it for emergencies or for the kids to reach me. It's a prepaid one and I can't see using up minutes just to chat. (I also don't know how to text much to the chagrin of my friends...)
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