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Any thing we can do to help keep him healthy. We just nursed. What else? Or is this one of those natural immunity situations? (note to self: find a higher space to let brush dry before putting away)
We told my MIL with a birthday card signed with love from DP & me and "your 3 beautiful grandchildren" It took her a few seconds but she got it eventually
I would just brush it off with something like, "there are so many variables year to year it's hard to say... then when you figure business expenses... I guess we make just enough." And leave it at that. Am I the only one suspicious of people who want to know about other's finances? It just screams identity theft to me but, then again, I am one of the most paranoid people I know...
For us, it is about putting our hope and faith in Jesus as the messiah. If we had doubts about the work accomplished on the cross, we might have circumcised.
Just saw the new one... Bethenny is the only one with half a clue. I liked her best this episode, especially when she had enough of Jill's materialism. I think they have a good solid friendship that can handle each other's quirkiness. I almost barfed watching Ramona's face turn to goo. EWWWWWW. I'd rather wrinkle gracefully than become an alien every month just to look 18 forever. Poor Francois and Johann (insert any foreign grammar marks that I can't get to...
Stay safe and keep strong. You are doing your entire community a great service.
Anyone else watching? I couldn't get into the OC housewives but this show is my dirty little secret. Thoughts: -somebody get Bethenny to a 12 step meeting ASAP -Simon has to be the creepiest guy ever. My husband better not pick out my outfit for me -wait, Ramona's husband is vaguely creepy too. I wouldn't want to force my daughter to spend time with him when she clearly didn't want to. -LuAnn is my favorite so far
I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the picture or the pristine carpet. ( tell me your secret...) Beautiful babies with their beautiful souls on display.
I think we, as parents, need to revolt. It throws us off for at least a week. My LO refuses to nap as it is and that desperate 4 o'clock conk out is now happening at 5 which is in no way is conducive to a 9 o'clock bed time. Let's choose a time and stick with it.
Honestly? I toss them most of them but have a small bag of different sized spares in case a playdate ever has an accident. (I also keep at least one size of pants up to about size 8 as the kids outgrow them for the same reason) I'm too worried about the pervs who'd want them on freecycle or goodwill. Cotton is biodegradable.
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