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Oh hon, you didn't need that. 'm sending you lots of good vibes and love today.: Be gentle with yourself.
We've had our very lovable and affectionate 8 year old dog (sheep dog/lab mutt mix) since she was a puppy. She was a very naughty puppy- ate everything (including my eyeglasses and any wood trim in our house) She has been wonderful since then but now is turning back to old behavior. In the past 2 weeks she has ripped up a couch, shredded a bunch of cloth dipes and left a trail of feces on the carpet, ripped sheets off dd's bed, won't poop on our walk but runs right in...
Having one right now. BLEEEEEEECHHHHHHHHH & ewwwwwwwwwww. Everyone puking, diarrhea running out of diapers, I'm achy and just want to sleep and am feeling guilty for having Disney Channel on all day. NIght can't come soon enough.
My boobah likes- Moo Baa La La La. Brown Bear, Brown Bear... Where Does Maisy Live? (a lift the flap book with barnyard animals & Maisy) His favorite book is a DK Scratch and Sniff Garden Book though. It's hilarious to read it to him even though it isn't a "funny" book. He sniffs all his books now. His favorite page is the rose and when we turn the page for the lavender he says "dye der" (because the lavender smells like diaper cream) and rubs it on his...
Great article. Here's a site with links to pictures of Mary nursing: Maria Lactans
double post
AHHHHH! The earworm song! I swear if it gets stuck in my head it will be playing in the background of my daydreams for at least a month. Off to fold laundry and sing about Porsches.:
Anyone planning a dream home should read A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. This is the book that Sarah Susanka uses in designing "Not So Big Houses." My requirements- Central Hearth- a superefficient masonry heater that radiates warmth throughout the day (aka Finnnish or Russian fireplace) Airlocked Main Entry- Nothing is more brutal than having your entire house windblown because of comings and goings Family Entryway, Drop Zone, Open Pantry and...
Phew. It's my biggest fear that something will separate me from my kids. Thanks!
Are you ever paranoid about "door to door" salespeople being CPS investigators? Should I be? We had a small misunderstanding at school yesterday. I forgot to send a note in to excuse dd for a dentist appointment. When DP went to pick her up they did what they were supposed to and called me to make sure it was okay. Today, when I talked to the secretary she kept telling me how weird DP was acting. Well, yeah...I then went on to explain that DP has Aspergers. Two hours later...
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