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I agree with the others, do whatever it takes right now Mine also hated being flat and happily dozed in the swings until 7 months
No, my boys are almost 9 months and they are 22 & 24 lbs Dr. says they are not chunks from breastfeeding and they'll even out after-awhile. They are just big healthy boys! Before you know it they'll be running all over the place and we'll be missing the cute baby rolls.
I feel very hurt and angry, my lovely husband this evening decided to tell me that "babies this age should be sleeping by themselves in their nursery". They are only 8 months old today! (5.5 months adjusted age!!!!) All the sudden he is twisting it around to be something that is only convenient for me and not the babies or anyone else. I think the girls he works with or outside influences are telling him what to think. I'm not ready to move them yet. I LOVE them...
Nice friend! : Some of my fondest memories are of my sister and I snuggling with my parents in bed. Definately the most secure feeling in the world when you are young to feel protected and loved by your parents. Sorry you had to hear that!
None here either! I was always expecting the worst at early sono's because I never felt pregnant until 13 weeks and that's when I started having problems that made up for not having morning sickness. LOL Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy pregnancy!
LOL Thanks for responding! your answers made me laugh with funny mental images!!! LOL!!!! I guess we are just gonna have to take the beatings! hehe Thank you~!
Mine has in a way, before I stayed home I had a 60+K a year position that took me years to achieve so he is always reminding me of the years I went to school etc. But I think he is torn in some ways as he doesn't want the boys in daycare, but he sure does want my paycheck! I miss it as well, but we always spent my money for play and clothes etc and he was the bill-man. I'd eat mac-n-cheese everyday to be able to stay home with them until they start 1st grade! We shall...
I'm getting more and more bruises on my body than ever - and from 8 month old babies!!! (they are chunksters at 22 & 24 lbs) They are for sure gonna be the football bruisers DH has dreamed about. Anyhow, how do you sleep with your little bruisers. I keep one on each side of me, I'm always getting kicked in the ribs, groin, fingers jabbed up my nose, or a babies sing-song voice wanting to feel my teeth and pulling my lips. I LOVE sleeping with my little guys and have...
So many huge congratulations to you! Being a mom to twins has made me feel so glorious I can only imagine having that 3-fold! So happy for you!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have identicals, mo/mo's. We had always hoped a dividing membrane would show up one one of the early ultrasounds but it never did! We developed twin-to-twin transfusion at 20 weeks. To make a long story short we had placental laser surgery in Florida at 23 weeks and were lucky to deliver both babies at 30 weeks! We had no choice. They were in the NICU for 56 very scary days. They both had PDA surgeries (heart valve) but are totally healthy and on schedule now...
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