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- Dansani infant wool gown.  used condition -8 large sampling organic cotton wipes - 25 organic cotton wipes - most from little beetle - 7 infant organic cotton diapers light brown -1 large cotton diaper light brown -4 wool breast pads barely used -2 silk diaper liners barely used -2 little beetle organic wool wet bags.  The colored one is in excellent condition where the other one has been heavily used and abused.   Name the price and if it's...
Please post if you know of any pox parties in so fl.  
I have the first 2 sizes.  They have been used by 2 children and the wool needs a good cleaning.  I also have wipes and such.
I have a good size stash of used little beetles newborn and a size larger.  I also have their wool diaper covers (need to be cleaned better) wipes and a few other things.  I want to give it to someone in need.  Not sure where to post this, but if you are expecting a baby and want a good size stash, please pm me.
Do you think it's safer to buy a wood bed or a resin bed in terms of safety?    1. Kidcraft's race car bed is made of wood.  States, the bed is made overseas and conforms to safety standards.   2 Step 2 is a resin that's made in the usa, but not sure about phthalates?   Both websites are vague.  I'll call them tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone did the research or has any valuable info.   Thanks
I have spoken to 2 midwives about the bleeding and they were stumped. They said the pressure might be vulva variscosities, but that usually goes away after birth. They are not 100% sure if that's what it is. Was wondering if anyone else experienced it after childbirth during periods.
During recovery after my 3rd child I felt a heavy feeling in my lower pelvis as I bled for 5 months. 9 months later, I've gotten my period. For 6 times with my period I've felt a heavy pressure that's relieved when I sit down or put pressure on my vagina area. Anyone know what this is?
Wow, lots of info! I did tear with all 3 of my children. Several stitches the first time, 2 stitches the second time and none my 3rd (midwife said I tore slightly but didn't need stitches ~ didn't feel any tears during postpardum healing). I noticed my vagina opening loose after my second was born. My dh says things are a bit looser inside as well. I've been doing kegels and even have a kegelmaster that I started a few days ago. I wonder if I do my kegels for several...
My vaginal opening stretched after birth of my 3rd child who was 9 lbs. It's been 4 months and I've been doing my kegels, but the opening to my vagina is still stretched and opened. Is there anything to do besides surgery, which I will not do?
I'm looking for a local charity where my family can volunteer in miami, fl. Please post if you know of any resources.
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