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I hope it all works out for you. Keep us posted.
The only thing that has helped was an organic facial that used a skin scrubber machine. It exfoliated my skin and 3 1/2 weeks later still feels AMAZINGLY soft. I might go every 1-2 months.
I'm thinking about bc too. From what I've read, IUD's shouldn't be so painful. Do you have copper or the hormonal? My midwife recommended that I wear a copper bracelet for 3 months to see if I have a reaction. She mentioned it would be terrible to react with inflamation internally.
I don't think any more than usual. I have 3 kiddo's so there's always chaos. I'm trying to slow down.
I'm 7 weeks postpartum and my bleeding was getting better (little more than spotting) and now it's full blown bleeding the past few days. My homebirth was fine except after 30 minutes of babies arrival, I experienced heavy bleeding and passed out for a few seconds. I didn't want to move for 2 hours after that. I laid on the floor and bled. My midwife gave me pitocin and methagin (sp?) to contract my uterus. I went to a GYN and she took blood to check iron levels,...
Thx. Good start.
I'm not sure where to ask, but maybe some of you mama's know. I'm looking for a map or stats of counties or states of air pollution. I need to compare the air quality of NYC and Miami. If you know of any, please post.
I'm almost 3 weeks postpartum and have been belly binding every day since birth except when I shower. I'd like to start doing some core strengthening Tuppler techniques and such. Should I remove my belly binder to do these?
My water broke and I had no contractions. I had acupuncture and she also gave me Caulophyllum. I took 200c, 4 pellets every 4 hours. Only had to take 8 pellets and went into labor! Not sure if it was directly related to Caulophyllum, but it didn't hurt.
Thanks. I emailed them for more specifics. There's no paint, so I'm hoping the lead is fine. My concern is the phthalates in the lining. Hopefully, they have the info.
New Posts  All Forums: