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If the piece uses formaldehyde in the resin, then it will offgass for the life of the furniture even if you can't smell it. Put some plants on and near it. Check out the book "how to grow fresh air".
I buy mine from Whole Foods, but they are sooo $$. What's NFL stand for?
My dd is 2.5 and has never fallen asleep by herself. It's been on very rare occasion that she fell asleep in her sling, stroller or car seat (99% of the time I nursed her in the car seat to get her to sleep). She would just get overtired and get super cranky. She fights sleep tooth and nail! Now, I have an 11 day old dd, and was trying to tandem nurse. This however is a nightmare! My toddler NEEDS to nurse for her nap, and to go to bed at night. She wakes up...
I'm searching for a midwife who delivers in NYC. Anyone use one they absolutely love! I've spoken with Joan and am waiting for a few other call backs, but need to narrow it down soon. Many many thanks. mamarabolli
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