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I try in the morning, but am most successful at night before bed.
I've been looking all over for my DVD and can't find it. I do remember it was really long and boring. As soon as I find it I'll post.
I'll join! I have the prenatal fitness DVD and the maternal fitness DVD, but I always forget to do them. I even met Julie and tried to get motivated. With 2 kids I can't keep up, so I just don't do them. I should give this another shot, since I have minor diastis and a weak pelvic floor after 2 pregnancies. I'll watch the DVD again tonight and take notes.
Maybe you have vulva veriscosities? Ask your MW or Dr to take a look. A prenatal cradle v2 support might help. Also kegels ad inclining your legs.
Not sure where to ask, but anyone know where I can find a wooden connect four game? I googled it, but only found small travel size w/ marbles. I'm looking for a regular size four in a row game made out of wood and not toxic finishes.
I have both prental and postpardum DVDs and spoken to Julie Tuppler several times (I live in NYC). I think what she has to say is great and valueable, but very unrealistic. With 2 little ones and one on the way, I can never find time to do all her exerices. She claims it's easy and to squeeze it in I think 9 times a day. I'm lucky if I remember 2x a day and 1/2 of the exercises. I'm modifying her routine to my lifestyle. Do you do all her prental exercises as many...
I love storynory, but I spend too much time ore-screening the stories. About 1/2 of them are too scary for a 4 year old. I'm subbing to here more suggestions.
I'd also like to add that I did email susan weed and someone responded that all of these herbs are perfectly safe. She claimed they were equivalent to nourashing foods. She said she never heard of a coorilation with RRL and miscarriages Never was quantities ever mentioned as a hazard. I even believe the book mentions how safe it is. I personally believe my body reacted poorly.
I read various websites and Susun Weed's Childbearing Herbal book. As far as I remember I never saw any quantity adjustments. I just enjoyed drinking my infusions. I made 3 quarts a day. Each one with a handful of each RRL, nettle, alfalfa, and a touch of oatstraw and rose hips. Learning about herbs is really confusing!
I was 6 weeks and started infusions 3x a day. I felt contractions and spotted. After 2 weeks of it I miscarried. I never thought I should be careful about RRL. I got prego again a few months later. I started RRL again at 4 weeks and immediately started spotting. I stoped RRL infusions and my pregnancy is normal. I'm currently 16 1/2 weeks along. Maybe I'll try dinking it again after 35 weeks or so.
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