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My dd wears hanna anderson, but wants one of those long old fashioned frilly nightgowns after watching the nutcracker. I saw a cute ruffly old fashioned looking pant set somewhere, but now I can't find it anymore. Anyone have ideas or know of any moms who make these? UPDATE: I just found a UK company, www.bon-nuit.com. This is exactly what I'm looking for but it's not organic. If anyone has similar companies that already sell in the US please post.
It just makes me giddy to find something like this . Pass it along!
You can sign up to stop receiving the yellow and white pages. I know I never use them, since I started using the computer for look ups. http://www.YellowPagesGoesGreen.org/
I've also been wondering.
Both my 2 dd's had this on their top 4 and bottom 4. I've seen all dentists in NYC and they all said it must be genetic. Their spotting started on the bottom, and over time grinded down naturally. If they grinded down to the point near the root, I would have intervened. I still have no exact diagnonsis, but decay. Every dentist did mention, it would have happened if I brushed religiously or not.
Julie Tuppler (http://www.maternalfitness.com/shop/dvd_books.html) developed a techinique to use during and after pregnancy. It's wonderful, but unrealistic on how much exercise she expects on a daily basis. I ordered dvds and thought they were incredibly informative and have modified her routine to fit my schedule. I also saw a Physical therapist regarding mine and insurance covered it. According to her, there are a lots of things to avoid during pregnancy and...
My 3 yo went last year and loved it. My 1 1/2 yo fell asleep, but when she was awake, she was amazed. We're doing it every year.
Me too. I am starting some Julie Tuppler exercises along w/ Kegles. I want to avoid diastasis and back pain. Can't hurt. This will be my 3rd.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoGoGirl All those ideas sound good to me. And how about support from family and friends? Just someone to listen to you talk? Big hugs, mama! Like lotus.blossom, I also have no friends or family I feel comfortable going to for support. DH tries really hard, but I wind up getting frustrated trying to explain to him how I feel. He's the complete opposite of depression, and can never understand. I feel so...
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