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Sorry for the confusing title! Hope I can explain it. We are currently TTC No 2. I had a c-sec first time after being induced with pitocin (overdue, very mild toxemia) for No 1. After 15 hours labour (not very painful) I was exhausted but only 3 cm dilated/ MY Ob opted for a c-sec. At taht stage I agreed, partly because the cervical exams were really really painful to me. Much worse than the contractions, and I couldn't take more. I was happy with the c-sec recovery...
I am currently TTC No 2, and am considering VBAC. My BP was a little raised throughout my first pregnancy -- so am desperate to control it! Someone here mentioned the Brewer's diet. What is that? Where can I find details? Thanks, Camilla
I and dh are currently debating whether to have one child or more. DD, Alyssa, is a year. I am 34, so if we have another child it would be now!. I keep going over the pros and cons again and again and again! I could give lots of attention, spare her jealousy over a new baby and provide the best education etc to one, but I would then deprive her of being a sibling, sharing stuff, having a playmate etc etc. Am also scared of having tow to deal with when they are so little!...
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