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Wow! that looks great!!! Love the BF emblem!!!
Hi everyone, I'm not a spinner, but I would LOVE to try it one day. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your raw fiber turn into yarn. I am a new knitter and would love to have yarn like the pictures you all have posted. Can anyone recommend a fellow MDC'er that sells handspun yarn. Something easy to work with for scarves for a newbie. Any recommendations? TIA
This may help with groceries this month if you have one in your area. http://www.angelfoodministries.com/ We've also had a rough year financially. I've utilized things like craigslist, freecycle, ebay, yard sales. Do you have a 401k or 403b? We took out a secured loan against mine this year to help us, the interest is low and our payments are quarterly. Both of my car loan payments and house payment companies have been helpful in reducing our payments and tacking...
Wow! People just don't have boundries or manners anymore. It amazes me to watch the decline of western civilization. People insulting others at grocery stores and assaulting them on their front porch. I'm so sorry you and your DD endured that. s I think you handled it wonderfully and calmly. I can't say for sure what I would have done, but I know my fist clenched while reading. I hope they move!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamamelia someone get me a bucket. I agree....the bucket part gave me a good laugh too!
Over the past 5 years, my DH and I had many issues with the parenting (or lack of) that occured at my DSS Bio mom's home. We have 50/50 custody. One week there, one here. Getting to the point we are now, civil and kind to the point of almost being friends, has been a long, rocky, uphill road. I would first recommend that the communication between households stop involving the child. Unless he's calling to share good news etc. Issues regarding schedules, appts, etc ...
I got it off carpet once by putting a paper bag over the spot and ironing
Great info here! Thanks! The length is probably 50ft long and it's not owned by the city to the best of my knowledge and thru the help of the clerks web site. We are in Zone 8b here almost 9. So I think if we shoot for spring, maybe we could get all the details finalized by then. My original idea was that everyone would share items grown in the garden rather than seperate plots. I hadn't thought of that before, but it's probably a good idea. I'm working on...
I love TPC! I agree with pp that you already have a MK customer base you could send out a notice that you were changing products and would happy to be their new PC consultant. The Pampered Chef is an amazing company to work for. The founder is a mother herself who started this business 28 years ago in her basement. She is still in touch with the "little people" and is generous with company rewards and incentives. I just can't say enough about how great it makes me...
too cute!
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