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So, I am one of those VERY lucky women who with #1 had pretty much no discomfort during pregnancy. Now, I'm preggers with #2 and am feeling great EXCEPT... I am an emotional train wreck! I am having a REALLY hard time keeping my emotions even the slightest bit at bay. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions (maybe natural remedies, etc?) for hormones gone wild. I am totally spazzing out on my DD and DH. I hate the mommy I am right now! Grrrr..... What's helped you? ...
We had a goat that would CONSTANTLY put her foot in the bucket. We ended up having to hold one hind leg up while we milked until she got the idea that she needed to stay still. Congrats and good luck with the goats. I reccommend "Goats Produce, too" when you get going. It's a cook book with some good recipes for cheese, yogurt, frozen yogurt, desserts, etc.
If you end up taking the 3 hr, might I suggest that you walk for a good part of the time. Don't just sit there. I failed my 1 hr and went back for the 3 hr. I passed, but I drank lots of water and walked around the hospital. If you fail the 3 hr, they'll send you to meet with a dietician who will tell you how to follow a GD diet- basically no sweets, and eating healthy. You'll take your blood sugar 3x a day and they'll monitor baby for being "big". We already had...
1) What week are you in? 30 weeks 2) How are you doing? I tell people I'm still "pleasantly Pregnant". I am enjoying my big round belly and really can't complain about anything else. 3) How are you staying active and stretched out? I do water aerobics twice a week and yoga on Saturdays 4) What else is happening in your life and work? We're changing our plans of a hb to a hospital that has a pedway to the children's hospital. DD has kidney issues that seem to...
http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k1...rd/25weeks.jpg Here I am at 25 weeks. Hope this link works!
[QUOTE=nausicaamom;6208667]Here's what's doing for me (always ready for shameless self-promotion : ): Brown striped longies Blue striped soaker Will you be felting those soakers or just using as is? What pattern are you using for those? Do you use the soakers often and do they do their job?
I just finished the Brea bag!! I'm really impressed with myself as it had some techniques that were new to me. I'm giving it as a gift and everyone I show it to is like "I WANT THAT!" so I'm hoping it will be a hit with the recipient! Right now I have a mitered purse on my needles. It's the second one I've done and is going well. It'll be felted. It's made from Noro beautiful yarn. I have gone knitting for the holidays crazy and have a whole list of...
Anyone have a suggestion for a subsitute for the afore mentioned yarn? I'm looking into making a sweet little dress for my on-the-way-baby. I've read some bad reviews. The pattern actually calls for DB wool/cotton yarn, but apparently that's out of stock. Anyone have any experience with this yarn. I've read some neg. reviews of it pilling and fading and such. Thanks!
My DH very excitedly felt Little Bitty on the outside just last night! I was feeling them pretty strong on the inside and had a feeling he'd be able to. Low and behold, the baby put on a show for him last night.
I don't guess either of these would be very simple, but I was thinking about geting a big cardboard box and fixing it up to look like an oven. get it, like you have a bun in the oven? Or (not sure exactly how you would accomplish this), but go as a big jar of Preggo Spaghetti sauce. =)
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