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We actually have quite a few single parents in our homeschool group.   They all manage in different ways, but I've generally found that making connections with other homeschool families is very helpful.   Over the years,   I've watched other kids when their parents were  in a pinch or let kids come to my house to work on a subject with my kiddos.     
She's  only 7,  I can't even fathom why you would be forcing her to do homework in the first place.   It is just stressing you out and obviously isn't working for either of you.    Have you thought of new methods of introducing her to concepts.   Play  educational board games or  find free math games online.   I swear my oldest son taught himself to read on Starfall.   Eventually you can introduce more "school-type" work, but there is no reason to force it at an early...
Okay, so I figured I'd just chime in here because it is creepy to lurk.    I have to admit I was a little worried about how well received Ri would be in the due date club because of her age so I was shamefully snooping.    I am the Grandma in question and I am excited.     I am glad to see she has found some support online.  MDC saved my sanity more than once over the years. She has a great community of MDC mamas here in our town who will support her, too.    To the OP, ...
Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I know it made a difference for my girls to know that people were thinking of them and their family today.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR33 We won't be there this week because we're going to Chicago. But I'm sure we'll hook up at one soon Ann We probably won't be able to make it this week either. I posted this in TAO but I forget that not everyone goes there. My daughters lost their baby brother to SIDS yesterday
We are planning on it. I think we will be at the next one. I told Ali I'd be there eventually. I've just been trying to get through the semester. My finals were Friday.
Something else I wanted to mention is this. No matter how far away you wander from MDC, it is truly a beautiful community and will always be there for you. My mama friends whom I met on MDC both near and far, have been an outpouring of support and love to me already. Pynki dropped in on me this morning and Dmitrizmom let me yap her ear off on the phone last night. I've heard from many more of you through my blog or on Facebook. I am a lucky person to...
I am organizing a sending healing ritual for tomorrow morning. I've not been around a whole lot lately but I truly believe in the power these rituals have to help with healing and I thought I would ask you MDC mamas to join in as the compassion and love flows so freely here. Thanks so much.
Somehow I double posted instead of editing, sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsgirl So lets talk toys--does anyone feel the Waldorf type dolls are worth the $$? My girls love their plastic ones just fine, but I do so love the look of the cloth ones, like you can find on Etsy and NovaNatural... I do think that natural toys are completely worthwhile but I couldn't afford them so I learned how to make them. The difference in cost is pretty amazing and they really aren't that hard. ...
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