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this is the favorite of my kids.
now; you should tell them now. they are grown up so they will understand.
I know this is terrible but you shouldn’t lose hope. The son of my sister has the same ailment though he hasn’t recovered completely but there is hope. Now it is a possible with laser treatment and surgery. Recently, the doctor prescribed steroid medicine which I ordered from a certain online pharmacy; I think it was Canada pharmacy. His condition is improving now. We are happy because we are now sure that he’ll be cured.
my little child was on ventolin since a very young age. A year before, i have been quite unsure of the step to follow due to the fact that I know from experience that all chemicals are very bad for the health of people specially in the long run. I have just started with an alternative like biovent which is a natural product. I am still trying it and i am going to see if it works well.
i just recently shifted from dopergin to motilium. I was prescribed dopergin as my little baby was born but the doctor fund aftersome weeks that it was not enough boosting the production of milk. Indeed, that worked in a marvellous way. Would anyone just tell me of the different side eefects that are caused there?
hello shana4000, how are you doing??... so you are one treatment for acne?? why dont try to go to 4litre af dring a day, use accutane with some dip into te salty water of the sea. I am sure that you will find a benefit from this mixture with you homeophatic and scb. You cou try different mixture and i am sure it will work right for you.
Definitely talk with a psychiatrist who is used with pregnant depressive woman. I am taht with their experience they will guide you towards the right decision. My sister was on lexapro while a friend was on topamax and indeed they did complete their pregnacy sucessfully. even if the holistic treatment sond really secure and attractive, you shoud chose the way with the most security and highest probability.
I now loveee and find it very important to brush my teeth because not only it refreshes my moth and breath but... when i was younger i had many cavities in my teeth and many people would just laugh at me.. (and thats hy i got the habit of hesitating befuar laughing.. SOOO.. i now take real real good care of my teeth..
it is said that honey can be used in many cases... some says it calms the mind.. others say it is good to drink milk with eggs and honey for fertility.. some say it is good for burns on the body... I will be doing more precise reserch on honey reall soon.. see ya all
you all getting mad here or what??
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