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i hope everything gets to be okay but what then have they gone out of their mind?? are they not sure of what they ARE.. jealous of you??
hey there to be mothers!its necessary to keep fit and to exercise during your pregnancy days.it is both beneficial to your own health and to your baby's health.it will even help you if you choose to deliver normally.however you have to bear in mind that there are certain exercises that are just not suitable to be practised while you are pregnant. i found this on the forum below, im posting the link here: http://www.imsickofbeingfat.com/foru...pregnancy.html it would be...
i am so sorry for you. i guess no matter what anyone may sya you will still feel like mising out on something big. i just hope and wish you feel better in the days that come!
hey me and my sis are 5 years apart and we still fight like cats and dogs. not silly fights but serious ones and this gets my mom even crazier, she thought after growing up our fightings will stop! guess it never will.
you need to keep your cool.its no point in arguing with kids at that age, they may end up disliking you!
hey there even im new here. welcome anyway
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