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OMG, thankyou for sharing those videos, they're really thought sad and thought provoking. Unfortunately I don't think we can get seats in England that have five point harnesses past 40lbs, but dd will definitely be staying in one as long as she possibly can.
My nausea started at 9 weeks, ended around 20 weeks.
I called them lightning strikes, they seem really common.
I agree with previous posters, that blood should be in the baby at birth. It will protect them from anaemia and give them the strength and resources that they should have at birth. Its not natural to cut and clamp the cord so early and take that blood off to freeze it instead of waiting until the placenta is delivered before cutting or clamping.
I agree with Angela this was definitely the most challenging time for me nursing my dd. She's now 6 months older and so so much easier, she has stopped asking for milk when we're out and about which makes me feel more comfortable now, and she can be really easily distracted if I'm not feeling up to nursing at that moment. 6 months ago she would cry and cry if I even had to put her off while I went to the toilet, now its so much different although she still nurses...
Being up and about your baby gets more oxygen even if they're not compressing the cord just because when you're lying on your back the pressure on your lungs and main arteries is greater. It is common to have babies suffer from dropping heartrate when women are made to labour on their back, and its common for it to stop when they are allowed to get onto all fours, or to get up and move around.
I had tears in one side of my labia, which were left unstitched and healed fine. A little differently shaped to the other side but that doesn't matter to me at all. We were able to have sex after only 10 days.
They grow up so quickly
Yep, mine was a super short napper which suddenly all changed round about when she got really mobile scooting around on her bottom and climbing on furniture and suddenly she started having a 2 hour nap in her stroller everyday. A friend of mine had success with encouraging her babies to nap in the stroller by taking them out for a really long walk (as long as you want them to sleep) everyday for a week then when they were settling into the routine she could bring them back...
Yeah don't you know breasts make powdered milk now?
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