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Its really not a good idea to be putting anything in her childs butt to get him to poop. There is a possibility of injuring the colon wall. I would have wanted to say something, I would have defnitely wanted to know if the poop was hard lumps when he does go or if it was soft. If its soft all is well and she needs to leave the poor child's butt alone. If its hard then she needs to change something in the diet and see a doctor.
I agree, you're modelling politeness which is great, and you're not making a judgement about her. I'm kind of stuck in an automatic "goodgirl" phase right now so just saying thankyou would be a big improvement.
I'm exactly the same, labour and childbirth were a breeze, but I cry like a baby if I hit my toe or my head I was lucky and didn't need any stitches or anything though so the time after I gave birth was really nice. Although I still felt like I'd been hit by a truck for a week or so.
There are risks involved with introducing formula into a bf babies diet though, most importantly is the change to gut flora that this brings about with the corresponding drop in immunity for the baby and the risk that baby could be sensitised to cows milk proteins. It doesn't negate the benefits of breastfeeding though, but you need to know that its certainly not risk free.
You might want to try googling "Hannah Trial" or "Term breech trial" This was the most recent large study, that was supposed to close the book on which was safest but although it makes interesting reading the study was very flawed. They need another study to compare active natural breech birth with consultant care managed breech birth if they're going to argue that vaginal birth for breech babies isn't safe. Almost all the vaginal deliveries in the hannah trial were with...
Me too, I have a "notch" in my labia from this but its not painful and not an issue at all really. It just feels a bit different on one side to the other.
I had a waterbirth and my perineum came through totally intact, but I had a 2nd deg tear in my labia. It didn't need stitching though so I felt pretty much unscathed. That was my first baby and she had a huge head as well so I was really pleased.
You don't need anything except water and maybe olive oil for your baby in the early months, and its best to avoid any baby products for at least the first three months to allow the skin's protective coating to mature. After 3 months if you want to you can use a mild baby bath (burts bees bathmilk is lovely) or in England we use aqueous cream as a soap replacement in the bath for creases which keeps them lovely and soft.
We have it, I can't say whether Georgia is learning much from it yet as we've only had it a couple of months but she enjoys watching the cartoons. They're rather strange stories, about a big green furry alien who eats clocks ??? and how he helps the royal family deal with very odd problems.. Its quite funny though and as I said my 2 year old daughter enjoys it. The only words she's picked up so far are Grande and Pequeno (we have the spanish version).
It is true of some babies, my friend had two babies who nursed much like my dd, at any and every opportunity, but her third just wasn't interested in staying on the breast after he had had just enough to appease his hunger. He's been that way since birth and although she is still breastfeeding him at 2.5 years she has to encourage him to breastfeed and he won't do it more than a couple of times a day or for longer than a minute or two each time.
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