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I'm sure Michel Odent claims that getting into water tends to speed up the labour and strengthen the contractions for an hour or two and then it may slow down after that.. which is probably where the advice not to get in before 4 - 5 cm came from. The water definitely speeded up by labour though, as I was at 3 cm at 6am, 4cm at noon just before I got in the pool and then my contractions went much stronger within 15 mins of getting in the pool, and 2 hours later my baby...
Yep my dd started biting her nails just before she turned two. I really feel this is one of those things I have to ignore so as not to turn it into something more than it is. She actually is doing it less and less but I wouldn't recommend trying to stop them as that just made me do it more when I was a child.
I'm late to this discussion but just wanted to add that if your little one stops crying when you are out of sight, it doesn't mean they're not still hurting like crazy. My Mum always left me at playgroup (as it was) with a firm goodbye and then would peek in through the window and see that I wasn't crying anymore, after she was out of sight. What she couldn't see was that inside myself I was too scared to keep crying once my Mummy had gone, because it just made me the...
Children do sleep less as they grow up, its normal. My little one has about 11 hours sleep at night and no naps. She's 26 months old.
Thats wonderful that you've found a way to parent from the heart through this tough time. I think your son is very lucky, and you're amazing for finding this way without any examples in your daily life.
I couldn't care less if a fully grown man came into the women's bathroom so I certainly wouldn't worry about a 14 year old boy. I do believe however that most 14 year olds are sexually active, not intercourse for the most part but certainly I would say most of them have fooled around in some sexual way with a member of the opposite sex and they're certainly aware of the opposite sex. While this wouldn't bother me in the slightest, I can understand that especially...
Have you thought about the Deodourant Stones? They're free from the nasty chemicals that you might want to avoid and you could tell her its a crystal, plus there will be no smell or white marks. They're just a mineral salt but really effective against smell.
My child also often feels warm, goes a bit red and sweaty for no apparent reason, but if she's not acting sick I don't worry about it. I don't really consider it a fever if it lasts less than 4 hours or so (and is not ridiculously hot), its just one of those quirks that little children sometimes have as their bodies are still maturing.
I found small portions of ice cream helped lots.. I also ate much more potato which seemed to help for some reason, don't know why though.
A vaccine that eradicates family disapproval of parenting choices! WOOHOO! Count me in!
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