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Gosh that Hep B line reminds me about the time a relative told me I could get pregnant from skinny dipping with boys
I am absolutely all for information and I don't feel that threads should be allowed to be controlled pro or anti vax, but I do sometimes see posts that I think are totally uncalled for on both sides. I'm not completely decided on the issue, very much leaning towards not vaxing, and in the process of reading MT's book and everything else I can get my hands on. I haven't ever found anyone's answers to me personally to be offensive but there are definitely replies in some...
They should have given you a loop belt to go around her, the JAA states this is necessary for children on laps.
One way to be sure they are ready is just to offer them finger foods such as cooked carrot sticks and if they pick them up and eat them they are ready and if they don't they're not. In England we call this Baby Led Weaning, but I know that means something else over here. I figure that if you're leaving your baby to feed herself though that there is no danger of overfeeding or of feeding them before they are ready.
You could give it to her frozen (let it go mushy and give it to her in a bowl with a spoon and tell her its ice cream). Some of the immune properties are destroyed by freezing but it is still going to be the gentlest food on her stomach that you could get with a lot of nutrition in it so I'd say definitely, if she will have it then thats great.
My grandparents used the withdrawal method as their only form of birth control their whole marriage and only had two children, both planned and both times she got pregnant the first month of trying so it can be effective. Its very unlikely to be effective for young people (and obviously dangerous as if you're not in committed relationships) but its pretty effective within a marriage where both partners are committed to using this method. We've used it in the past too and...
DD got her first two teeth and 5 months, then had 14 teeth by 14 months and 16 teeth by 16 months and all 20 by 20 months. She HATES having her teeth brushed and we've just noticed one front tooth is looking a bit decayed but I'm doing everything I can (except stopping breastfeeding on demand) so I've decided there is no point beating myself up about it. She's just 2 and I am a little worried though about how this tooth is possible going to last another 4 years.
Bizarrely the JAA (European equivalent of FAA) will not allow children under two to ride in carseats when the seatbelt sign is illuminated, they must be in their parents lap with a seperate seatbelt that attaches to the parents belt. Blows my mind how the JAA and FAA can have such different recommendations but they do. Over 2 years they can ride in an approved airline seat in their own seat but they say that being in an adult seatbelt is just as safe from two years and...
Don't tetanus spores live in soil, so the spores can survive allsorts of conditions but the tetanus can not breed in the presence of oxygen. Sorry if thats inaccurate, just recalling high school biology
Correct me if I'm wrong (please) but I read recently that if you don't vaccinate until after 18 - 24 months (I think) that your child only "needs" one dose rather than the course of three that a younger baby "needs". That pretty much has me decided right away that I will wait until after 2 years old before even thinking about them for my next child.
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