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I think in Europe the minimums are either 4ft5in tall or 11years whichever comes first but practically I will wait until they can pass the 5step test.
Honestly I would be furious too that he had disregarded you in that way as well as taking that risk with your child. I think I would try to talk to him and explain that you were not going to leave the child with him in future if anything like this happened again because carseat safety was not a issue you would compromise on. I would be willing to not leave her alone with him again if he wasn't willing to really listen and take this on board. I will not leave my dd alone...
I was going to post about Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's books but I see Siobhang already posted better than I could have. They are utterly fascinating and required reading for those interested in this stuff.
I live in France and I haven't seen any children eating radish sandwiches lol. Its normal here for children to have a "gouter" after school which would usually be at about 5pm and they don't eat dinner until later in the evening. My kids aren't in school though, my 5.5year old is in a steiner ecole maternelle and she finishes at lunchtime and we've pretty much stuck to our uk schedule of having a snack at 3pm and dinner between 5 and 6pm. Chocolate spread and bread...
Whatever you feel less stressed about. In the airline my husband works for in Europe a baby under 2 can not have a seat of their own. They must travel on an adult's lap so that is what we have always done.
4.5 she got a bike with pedals (and no training wheels) and learned to ride it soon afterwards.
Lip kisses here too between members of the family. I'd be weirded out if someone not close to us that way kissed dd on the lips but thinking about it as a child it was definitely normal to kiss grandparents and aunts and uncles on the lips. I wouldn't like that with I don't think if other people were kissing my child but I wouldn't give up those lovely toddler kisses for the world. My 5.5year old dd I think I sometimes turn my face away but she asks to kiss my lips and I'm...
I'm not sure what she's describing, a very impulsive child who will do things without thinking or because they struggle to control their impulses, or one who is very strong willed and will fight to the end for what they desire/think is right.
dd who is 5.5 gets up in the mornings and comes out and makes her breakfast and then sits and plays quietly until I get up with her younger sister. We live in a tiny apartment so she's only in the next room, I don't think I would be happy with this if we had a big house and I would be out of range of hearing something easily. So yes, I would leave her if her Dad was asleep, as long (as said before) he knew he was on duty if he heard a noise.
Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley 'Legally' here - I think it is 14. I don't know what it is 'legally' where you live though. I'm pretty sure there is no age stated in UK law. NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) recommend no younger than 12.
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