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dd just started going longer and longer stretches. When it had been about 6 weeks since she last nursed I considered her weaned although she has asked a couple more times (about once a month) since then.
I saw it as a small step towards weaning. I introduced an occasional (not every day by any means) small cup of cows milk at just over 2 years. It was purely selfish because at that stage dd was wanting to nurse ALL the time (like 30-40 times in 24 hours and not wanting to let go in between). It was a bribe to get an hour of being left alone essentially. She weaned at 5.5years though so I don't think that introducing milk had a big impact at all.
I would argue that the safety rules on some things in the EU are different to America but not always less by a long way. I was incredulous at some of the things that are allowed in the USA that have been banned in the UK (since thats where I'm from) for the longest time. I agree with you that its nuts not to test past 18kg but we now have strict rules that all kids under 4'6" or 11 years must be in a booster and I think thats stricter than in most US states no? Saying they...
I know about the expense I had to pay for shipping to France also. Its ridiculous that we have to pay SO much for extended rear facing seats here when they're available (different seats of course) so much more cheaply in the USA. I am always so shocked to see that you can get a good convertible carseat there for $150.
agree with everyone else he's a baby, possibly teething, nursing is the single best most appropriate form of comfort available. I take this stance until 2 or 3 years though. My elder dd nursed constantly until she was 2.5years. She's currently 5years old, and I'm always getting comments about how confident and secure she is. Relax and trust your instincts and don't overthink it, you will automatically want to do the right thing in this first year or two.
Hi Leisha, the BeSafe IziKid meets all your requirements I think. Just have to find out if it will fit your car. Its suitable from about 6 months, is rearfacing and a lovely seat. I bought the isofix version for my dainty little girl who was slightly bigger than yours but still only 8kg at 16 months. You can see it on here http://www.carseat.se/store.html
There are definitely some very safe european seats available, usually scandinavian seats. They're not always easy to find in stores so online stores are invaluable until we manage to spread the word more widely around europe and get the bigger retailers to stock them. AdventureDad is very helpful and I'm sure would have answers for you. The rearfacing seats here aren't cheap but there are some available that will rearface longer than a US seat. I feel very happy with the...
I'm in Europe so totally different seat choices, but to be honest I always treat my carseat purchase as a money no object. We're not well off, we have older cars but with a carseat its a difference of a couple of hundred euros or so on a product that is going to be in use for a number of years. I can't help but want to buy the safest seat possible, even if that means we're paying it off on the credit card for a few months. (I realise other people wouldn't even have that...
Its funny because in the UK we're pretty much told no hats indoors and definitely not if the baby is sleeping. Neither of mine have ever worn a hat really at all, even in winter outside they just didn't like it.
My dd was enjoying reading the www.progressivephonics.com books online. I think she loves that she only has to read the red words lol but we still get to giggle at the silly stories. I don't know anything about learning disabilities, sorry, but the books are free to download so you could look anyway.
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