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Quote: Originally Posted by mom2radata I know mamag but honestly MDC really isn't that crunchy. You should check out the Mother Earth News Forums or Countrylife.net. Here on mothering I feel super crunchy but on those sites I am humbled and made to feel like the novice that I am. I just want to say thank you for those links. After this thread, I will be going over there to lurk and see if it is indeed "crunchier" than here, because this place...
Quote: Originally Posted by mom2radata THe point I am trying to make is that car manufacturers have a ten to twenty year plan to phase out the use of cars run on gas all together because they realize that we are running out. Can you imagine the chaos if that doesn't happen and we run out before they get the fuel cell cars operating. The car manufacturers have known about this type of CRAP for the past ten to twenty years and have just now...
I am SO hiring you to write my next letters of complaint! That was excellent!!!!!
Add me to the list of having no friends IRL :LOL So far I am the only person I know who has breastfed longer than 6 months, co-slept, slung my babies (hehehe that sounds bad! ), CD'd, etc. etc. etc. I am a freak in their eyes. Oh well. I like being freaky.
I try to incorporate something everyone likes during a meal, along with other things some like and some don't. I don't force anyone to take any bites... My reasoning is if they see other enjoying said food, they have a good chance of trying it themselves, on their own time and on accord. A story of my own... I refused to eat pork for the longest time - ANY pork. When I got married, my husband LOVED to eat pork. I would prepare meals for him with his said pork...
We have three... what I like about having three - two siblings can be mad at each other, but still have another to play with. :LOL I grew up with just one sister and after awhile she got "boring"... I longed for a different playmate at times. Ours are all girls. And I tell ya, it is SO much easier going from 2 to 3 than it was going from 1 to 2.
I have had all three in the back of my buick regal before... again, very tight fight. But isn't part of carseat safety for them to be snug in their belts and buckles and seats?
Quote: Originally Posted by DebraStorm I love the H2's! And I always joke with DH that if they ever make a Hybrid one, I will buy one! And then I also tell him that if we were to ever get in a wreck, I'd feel pretty safe! And I'd be dead. : Sorry to get off this tangent here, but I utterly LOATHE the accident and safeness scenario. I own a 1995 Buick Regal and was in front of an H2 at my daughter's school in the pick up line. The bumper...
I voted 2-3K range. I am in Arkansas. Our one saving grace - our land/mortgage payment is only $200/month - for 2 acres of land and a crappy trailer, however it is owner financed with a 10% interest rate (I cringe at that, but that is what having crappy credit gets ya....)
The two that made me totally crack up were at our local Burger King: Now Hiring All Shifts - the *f* had fallen off. Closers Wanted - the *c* had fallen off.
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