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14) The Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling.   I am so glad we are reading these aloud! So much in the books never made it to the movies. We are really enjoying these as a family read, but boy my throat hurts from all that reading. That was a long one!
Started new thread.   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1347103/book-challenge-march-2012#post_16902241
  So, just by way of clarification (for comers both new and old), guidelines for the Book Challenge Thread are as follows: 1) Post the books you read ... or not 2) Post a recommendation ... or not 3) Number your book ... or not 4) Make a goal for how many books you want to read in 2012 ... or not 5) Have fun with books (This one, unfortunately, is MANDATORY)    Happy reading everyone!
Yelling will do no good, so my vote is a calm discussion when you can be calm. You have the right to be upset and disappointed, it's just that you have to keep it under control when you are actually talking with your child or they will just shut down and you will not be able to figure out what is going on with him/her.    With that in mind, I have a few questions:   How old is your child?  What were the reasons they were expelled? At what age did they start...
We loved these books, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #1 by Michelle Paver.   http://www.kidsreads.com/reviews/0060728256.asp   We read these allowed when my youngest was 4.5 and my oldest was 7.5.    We read all of the Magic Tree House books and have read many of the "boxcar Kids". I, personally, grew bored with these.  My kids like to have pretty much anything read to them so we do chapter books and picture books.
13) Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy and Its Dilemmas by Deborah Anna Luepnitz, Ph.D.   This was a wonderful book about psychotherapy. Five cases are presented. Dr. Luepnitz carefully discusses the patient, their reason for coming to therapy, how she responds to each of them and how together they work to create solutions. If you are a therapist or have been in therapy and often wondered what your therapist was thinking, you might enjoy it. Others, may just enjoy...
I am 42 as well. And have had some cycle changes. I also have experienced pain when I ovulate, sometimes like bad menstrual cramps. My midwife stated that was caused by my body working really hard to get the egg out.   My cycle has also changed. I have a "normal flow" first days and then the 3 and/or 4th day is horribly heavy. My actual time between is cycles is starting to vary, but I have not been tracking it. I think I will after reading your post as my dh said my...
We have a similar situation. My husband's parents died when he was very young. And my parents died early. My ds was 18 months when my dad died and my dd was not quite 3, ds 6 when my mother died.   We try to keep their grandparents "alive" in their memories or share our memories with them. For my dd, who admittedly does not remember her grandmother and never met her paternal grandparents or maternal grandfather, we share stories, pictures, the things she has in...
12) The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.   I read this as a break between the other books I am reading right now. What a lovely story and the pretty illustrations reminded me of the picture books I read as a child. This is about bullying, but it has a different spin. The book was written in 1944! And, yet, it is still relevant. 
At Charlies's Angel....   I have a friend who has a child in Spencerport HS who had to get a lawyer in order for her non-vaccinated child to attend school. Not easy, but not impossible!    Good luck!
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