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It's always good to come on here and read about the other May '06 babies and mamas doing well    I can't believe all our babies are 5 already!   Hope everyone has an amazing summer!
Hi Everyone! Just popping in to Say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  I don't think i've posted in well over a year but Its always nice to come read how everyone is doing!!
Yep! My DS did that and I didn't realize it was an allergy so the poor kid was tested for UTI, Diabetes, Kidney Infection, etc then the doctor said it was behavioral! Cut out soy and everything went back to normal! (he was 2.5)
Hi Mamas! I so rarely check in on MDC anymore but when I do i always look for you guys!! I will say that i am SO GLAD to be almost done with age 3 !! It was a very hard year of us and I am praying that 4 will be smoother! Lucas is doing great!! He loves numbers and letters he can multiple and subtract small numbers and reads sight words!! The other day I told him to hold on one min and he said "but thats a 60 seconds!" of course this was said in a whiny voice...
Hi my son will be 4 in May and i plan on doing Selective & Delayed Vaccinations starting this month. I am going to work with his ped on what and when (doing only ONE at a time and not doing Flu vaccines at all) Anything I should do BEFORE he gets vax'ed ? Diet wise? do more probiotics? less? (He takes Juice Plus that has probiotics plus a dailey multi-vit emergen-C for kids) Anyone BTDT that could give me any advice would be great! I'm alittle freaked out but...
what happens if you treat it like ring worm and it ends up not being? You just use OTC athlete's foot cream.. I'd try it and if it doesn't start to clear up in afew days then see a doc ?
http://www.alattefun.com they are great! they have a little cafe with snacks/coffe/lattes/etc and they have two areas one for babies/toddlers one for bigger toddlers/kids my 3.5 yr loves it there!
How close are your toliet and shower? I ended up just getting a shower sprayer and using that since the toliet and shower was RIGHT next to each other.. it was easier! lol
Yesterday i threw out: 3 grapefruit, 2 oranges, a lime, two mango, afew bananas, half a watermellon, 3 pieces of baked coconut orange roughy, a cup of pasta sauce, a cooked chicken breast, 2 slices left over pizza, left over chicken parm from take out, half box left over mac 'n cheese, and about 2 cooked left over sweet potatoes BUT thats not quite normal for us, I swear! My DF was out of town and he is the one who eats the left overs! And the fruit was because we went to...
I just moved from that area. Seaworld- amusement park but i still really love it Check out the Leu Gardens (Free on mondays before noon) www.leugardens.org I'm not sure of local parks but there are lots around just ask around. if you like indoor play areas then try "Amaya Papaya" http://www.amayapapaya.com/ Also the orlando science center is AWESOME! great for little ones too! lots to see, play with and explore! www.osc.org/ Lake Eola has a nice park...
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