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That's a good idea, and they can take it or leave it.   Either way, I'm posting it all this weekend and we'll see how it goes.   I will take the pictures with everything sorted.   And of course I'll mention that they are not complete sets  - unless my boys can make it so!  lol.    I feel really nostalgic about the whole thing. They spent SO SO much time playing with playmobil. 
That is really helpful, thanks!!!   I did a search on my local craigslist but there wasn't anything that came up.
  If I were to sell it on Craigslist, how much do you think I should ask? I could lay it all out on the floor and take pictures so they would know what they're getting. I'm in Canada, so don't think I'll do ebay, it seems too complicated.
I am finally clearing out our playroom. My boys are 8 and 11, and we are turning the room into an older kids space, with a tv, music, and a table for them to play board games and play with their Magic cards.   They have kept a bin of playmobil figures, and each have kept a larger item, but we have lots of stuff that I don't know how to sell.   We are not fastidious enough to keep everything in its original kit. Kids have come over and the carefully put together...
Wow, these are great suggestions!!!    We already have a few of these going; math club, geography club, spelling, robotics and music, and only the very beginnings of a gardening club. I'm also in Canada, so was interested in the information for the short growing season.   Book clubs, science fair, history, art, film, debating, model UN, etc. - all great ideas that I will be taking with me to my meeting!!   Thanks :)
I am on a committee that initiates activities that enrich student life at our public elementary school. There is a LOT on offer, in terms of lunchtime activities, and extra curricular activities.    At this point, adding one more feels like overdoing it. It's a small school, and there are a lot of options.   However, we're planning for next year, and I don't have any great ideas - please spam me with cool things going on at your school.   My only thought so...
Thanks! I'm going to check those out :)
Lands End was where I went first - no luck!   H & M has slim-ish sweatpants, have you tried there?    Yes, I am getting a bit tired of his fave t-shirts just hitting the belt line...  
I put a dresser IN the closet in my sons room, and that saves a lot of space. All clothes are in the closet.  If you can't find a dresser that fits right get one of those wire basket things on wheels, or stick shelves straight on the wall. Closets have a lot of space that can be used below the hanging clothes.
Another online shopping question: Does anyone know of a store that makes slimmer t-shirts for boys? My son is very slim and he doesn't like floating in his shirts. TIA!
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