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I do have water births, so take this for what it's worth. For #1, I was just naked (in December) and it went too quickly for anyone to think to take pictures before baby was born. For #2, I knew we would be having a photographer there (who I never even met until she showed up at the birth), so I picked a variety of different things and had them all hanging next to the pool so I could decide what I liked best in the moment. I ended up in a gray sports bra, which worked very...
You said "newborn," but when do you intend to do this until? She won't have had a dose of all the major things (including MMR and Chicken Pox) until 15-18 months and won't have had all of the doses of the majority of things until 4-6 years.
Have never had swelling during pregnancy that wasn't directly related to my being very hot - it always went away when I cooled off, so not pregnancy-related, really. You might get lucky and not ever have any!I'm 29 weeks and have been making it for a month or two now.
For my first, I was also on my knees leaning over the side of the pool when he was born. During his labor, out of the pool I was standing in the shower or leaning over the bathroom counter. Once the pool was full, I was floating on my back for most of the time until I got onto my knees to do the "work" of pushing him out. For the second, I pushed him out on my hands and knees. Out of the pool I was on the birth ball. In the pool before I started pushing, I was squatting...
Between the terrible weather and having no car to drive (even when my husband is home with our only vehicle, I can't drive it, so he or someone else has to drive me around), I've been more or less home-bound since mid-December. I am not really planning on increasing my activities or obligations more than what they've been for the past 4 months, but I have no plans to cut down much either. The biggest change is always at 37 weeks when we start using disposable plates and...
Congratulations!!! You will be in my thoughts and I really hope this is what does it for you.
I haven't, but during labor it's due to hormones. The only thing you can really do to help is prevent triggers, like support people having bad breath or B.O., or eating heavy, greasy, or otherwise triggering foods. Peppermint essential oil might help, too, but I highly suggest any eos used during labor be put on a cotton ball or washcloth that can be removed if the scent starts bothering you as opposed to in a diffuser or right in the birth pool where it is harder to get...
Sorry for the confusion, guys! My OB is my backup provider. She prescribes my blood thinners and every-6-weeks ultrasounds to manage my blood clotting disorder. I only see her once a trimester (12w, 24w, & 37w). My primary provider is a home birth midwife who sees me in my home. She's been here every 4 weeks since 13w. I switch to every 2 week appointments with her at around 33-35w, then every week at 37w.
It has not been quite as bad here as where you are, but definitely still bad. My OB looked aghast at our last appt as we said goodbye: I told her if it was snowing when I have my next appt (on June 2nd), that I wouldn't be coming. It took her a minute to realize I wasn't serious. It didn't occur to me at the time that we actually might still have snow in June!
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