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So, it seems my time incognito is drawing to a close. I was notified today that I can't have a second name. I guess I'll just go ahead and "out" myself, and hope to keep it lowkey IRL. Soooooo, secretlypregnant is really............ Ligmom.( :LOL :LOL) And welcome to the new members of our DDC
Quote: Originally Posted by Bennifer Hi all, I am also planning a VBAC. I'd love to HBAC but none of the midwives around here are doing it since we had a baby die during a HBAC a little while ago in my town. So....that leaves me feeling confused as to what to do. I'm scared to go to the hospital, thinking they'll do all they can to do a repeat c/s. Ds was malpositioned, went into fetal distress...etc, etc but he really was FINE! Ughh. I just found...
Quote: Originally Posted by raversangel : : oh that's great!! yeah i'm waiting till monday to poas again...lol...i'm trying to resist...its hard when i have two sticks just waiting to be used sitting on the toilet seat!! to you raversangel for your self-restraint But really, go ahead...test. You know you want to. Besides, all the cool kids are doin' it.
Quote: Originally Posted by paisley Secretly - I am so dying to know who you are! Do we get any hints? What forums do you frequent? Come on, we can't do too much damage with the search fuction down. Don't wonder too much...you may not even know me if you knew who I am (did that make sense) Seriously, I have been at MDC for a LOOOOONNNGGG time, but I spend alot of time : and :. Sometimes I feel a bit invisible. But I it here. I...
So after posting yesterday, I immediately went to buy more tests I took one yesterday afternoon, and another one today with FMU. I got some DARK double lines Bee-you-ti-ful!!!!! Oh, so call me crazy and make it three
Glad to see this thread... I am always looking for good info on nutrition. Last pregnancy I followed the Brewer diet and felt pretty good. Had an easy pg (once the nasea passed) and a pretty good birth. Very healthy baby Quote: Originally Posted by lunadoula I use bioplex pure wpi in the "natural" flavor. It's one of the only protein powders I have found that is 100% protein - no carbs or fat, and no sugar at all. 1 scoop is 80 calories and...
Not sure exactly how long we'll wait to tell. I waited 3 days to tell dh. I dropped hints left and right but he wasn't getting it, for example: dh: "I'm going to get a movie. Do you want anything?" me: "Oh, what about that movie She's Having a Baby. It's older but they probably have it." dh: "I'll look for it." :nana: I think we're going to try to make it through the first trimester. Never made it that long before telling in the past. This time it...
I voted planned, because we have been TTC for a few months now. But it's a surprise, too. I really didn't think I would be pg this month, and if you saw my chart you'd know why. All the bd'ing looks like it's at the wrong times. I guess it was right somehow anyway :
Only one so far. I have been thinking about getting some more tests though. You know, just to check
My history is that the morning sickness doesn't really kick in till around 7 weeks. Then it's :Puke and : for at least 8 weeks. Yuck! I have noticed that so far the breast tenderness comes and goes, but the I-could-fall-asleep-where-I-stand-still feeling is pretty much constant. I am still charting too, though, sorta out of curiousity and sorta for reassurance. for all of us!!!!!
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