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Well dr gave us upfront advice that he let'shis patients decide if they rather have a plate put in or just let it heal! A relief at first but now I'm like how is this large bone ever going to look or repair right. ;(. Would feel better if bone was set and cast or something. ;( he has had some rough nights with not much sleeping in the recliner. ;(.
From what all I have read online it does depend where the break occurred. Says if at the ends of the joint is when most recommend surgery. I think we may can get away with less intervention because I don't think it was at the end but I need to see X-ray and ask more questions. I know I have also read that it is an area where less intervention is better due to infection and all the nerves in the area. He is still young even if at the end I may say well dr can we try this...
My son broke his clavicle bone over the weekend an we at set to go to the ortho tomorrow. Any advice regarding surgery or not? What were your experiences with this. I'm hoping we see a dr with a let it heal approach but we will see what he advices is tomorrow. I know th Eric dr said pins and plates probably but from reading on the net a lot of dr's depending where it's broken will advise the let heal approach. Thanks for any advice you can share.
I would love to see a UV Natural sunscreen one.  In need of more. ;(
I love this stuff! Anyone interested in doing a co`op for this sunscreen?  I bought many tubes on here a few years back and I need more. ;(  Anyone else do the same coop and know who did it or how to search  for it through the forum?   Thanks in advance! 
Panic mood struck tonight. My kids were having a sleep over and this child had them all on his chest. I tried to not panic because poor little guys is only 5 but after 3 kids with this and nearly 2 years with it I think anyone would panic!!! Guess I better get everyone on some zinc, multi vitamins and green leafy veg and fresh fruits! Worried ;(
Well sad to say I'm back DD still complaining of hurting down there and I go check her and yep they are back or never went away! ;(. Where do u buy this food grade DE everyone is talking about? Gotta do something this is crazy bad stuff!!!!
Sorry for all the typos I am on my phone. I meant also to mention it is best after a bath do that they are softened and it really doesn't hurt them to do this if the bump is ready.
Sorry what all of you are going through. I started this thread long ago sadly its still alice but i guess not to sad cause it compiles everything roght here. Well Ultimately what worked for my kiddos was watching and if the bumps looked ready to pop then I sterilized needle popped the waxy core out and lifted gently not a wipping motion more of lifting gently so as to not spread. We tried the silver cure or whatever it's called but after the 3rd kid I just decided well if...
I am trying to get awareness out to other parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, etc.  about forced separation  of twins in the school classrooms and get a bill passed that gives parents a choice to decide themselves instead of this forced decision that is in place for principals of each school  jurisdiction to force this upon you.  Can you help with awareness to this much needed change.  I am always looking for promoters. I am Alabama's representative and am passionate...
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