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My first, they kept telling me he would be no bigger than 7 lbs. I kept saying 9 lbs. He was 9 lbs 2 oz. My second (with an OB, instead of a midwife), she made no guesses, just asked me what I thought. I said she would be a little bigger. 9 lbs 6 oz. I know of so many people who were induced/sectioned for "big babies" and only one of them was over 7.5 lbs. One was just over 5.
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenkids We have a few mamas who choose cord blood banking, due to a family history of certain diseases and disorders. I've done quite a few cord blood collections. There are also banks who have programs where if you have a family member with a qualifying illness, they will waive the processing fee. I am currently pregnant and have been accepted into the designated transplant program because I am in remission...
It costs alot of money (about $1200-1500 for collection plus shipping and storage fees) and you have to set it up independently prior to your birth. If you are talking about donation, you also have to set that up independently and it is something that is not offered in all places. I know that it has to be done "immediately" upon birth, but don't know if that entails the cord being clamped prior to it stopping pulsing. I would assume so, though.
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