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Quote: Originally Posted by LisainCalifornia My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome and he sounds very much like her. We have the tantrums and meltdowns (so bad) still, and she is 12. My DD is also 12 and has Aspergers and sounds very much like the OP's son. I would look into neuropsych testing and seeing a developmental pedi to find out what is causing his issues. You don't have to do meds and you will have a more complete picture of his...
Quote: Originally Posted by philomom I don't think it is okay to "best friends" with your mom either. And no, I don't think it is common. I don't know anyone IRL who says one of their parents is their best friend. . Before my mom died she was my best friend. Not when I was growing up but once I had children and could truly appreciate everything she had done when I was growing up. I am not my DD's best friend now,they're 12 and 9 and need...
You live in their house you should respect their wishes and lifestyle. If you don't want the baby watching TV then remove the baby when you leave. If you want a meat free meal make it yourself. And work hard on moving out since they make you so uncomfortable. Their house their rules.
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom I saw that article on aol news yesterday...about the widowed dad who blogs. One of the photos was right after the c-sec. The mom was lying there, looking at her daughter for the first time. The caption said that was the one and only time the mom got to see her daughter. After that, they took the babe to the NICU and then the mom died. She didn't even get to touch her baby. I would do an U/C over that any day....
That's what happens when you don't read the whole thread before posting.I'll make sure not to do that again.
Doctors are required by law to keep patient records FOREVER. They might not have them in their office by they should at least be in storage somewhere. /QUOTE] Um no they are not. In the USA they only need to be kept for 7 years.
1998- Getting ready to move out of state with my DH and DD1 who was just a year old. 1988- Summer before senior year in high school, I am sure I was drinking and partying way too much. 1978 - Hanging out at the pool where I lived with my best friend.
When my DD was younger playgroups were a nightmare she just wanted to do her own thing. At age 10 she is more interested in socializing with kids that are younger than her. We make it work by going to the park and hanging out at the local school playground. I am thinking about looking into an organized social skills group for her for the fall but I am still not sure yet.
My DD is dx'd with Aspergers and ADHD combined type. She is on Risperdal and Strattera. They help regulate her mood and enable her to pay attention. However I did a lot of research and tried other things before going to medications. Unfortunately there has also been some trial and error before getting the right medication combo.
Quote: Originally Posted by blessed I think in general if you see someone out in a public restaurant dining with family/children, you'd think it was safe to assume they were stable enough not to come unglued from simply being approached in a friendly manner. You would then set my oldest daughter off. She can hold it together for dinner with the family but if something unexpected happens all bets are off about her behavior. I refuse to wait until...
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