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I think there are serious chicken-egg problems with every "Autism Cause" study. Evidence of a genetic link is too vast to be ignored, so it would follow that a fetus could be autistic, with associated sensory issues (this was particularly well evidenced in my son, who had very a-typical in-utero behavior and posture, apparently due to sensory issues that became obvious after birth) If a fetus has sensory issues I would wager that they are a lot more likely to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by fairejour Don't you hate when they cover something that your child has, and you have to watch all the myths they portray! I know what you mean, Law and order SVU did an episode with a character who was a little girl with Williams Syndrome (like my DD) it was amazing that they got so many little details right, but they got some major ones wrong.
In case anyone missed it on the homepage of google. http://sketchup.google.com/spectrum.html Project Spectrum was created to give people with autism the opportunity to express their creativity and develop a life skill using Google SketchUp 3D modeling software.
Quote: Originally Posted by chinaKat I don't think games are a good example. They are written for specific platforms. It's not a case of one platform or the other not being able to handle them. I wouldn't expect to play a playstation game on the wii, you know? the ONLY difference in the two platforms is software compatibility, the hardware is (almost) the same, as far as how it twiddles bits nowadays... The Mac vs PC debate is meaningless...
Quote: Originally Posted by chinaKat This is misleading at best and quite possibly crazy talk. Please name one thing an average computer user cannot do on a mac that they can do on a pc. There is nothing limiting at all about using a mac. I've used one professionally for over ten years and have never run into anything I couldn't do on a mac that I could have done on a PC. You cannot play 98% of new games or 97% of old games. There are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ola_ one piece of advice I would have is don't get a Dell laptop. I've had 2 so far with overheating issues This was actually a problem with "Celeron M" Processors, all low-end laptops at the time had them, no matter what the brand was... On Dells the over-hot processor was too close to the power supply, on toshiba it was too close to the network card.
Quote: Originally Posted by Delicateflower Don't you already have a monitor for the mac mini? I do, but the price I quoted for the PC was including monitor, and it was 120 less than the mac without monitor. My PCs don't crash... The main issue is that a Mac runs say 100 programs and a PC runs say 100,000 things (these are not the numbers but the proportions are similar) The limited number of things you can do on a mac effectively "protect"...
The cheapest I could build a desktop system (including monitor) for on the Mac site was $1,199.00 (20 inch iMac) On Dell it is $479 (with default 17 inch monitor) upgrade to a 20 inch to match the mac and it brings it to $519 Of course this is with a much slower Mac than PC. You could technically buy a mac mini for 599 and go elsewhere to buy a 200 dollar monitor and spend only $799, so if you must mac, I would call that the best financial option.
Quote: Originally Posted by Delicateflower Why not get a mac mini then, $599? Or a 13 inch macbook, $999? Or is white not your style? that is still 1 computer for the price of 2, and it is also still significantly lower stats (slower processor, less memory), and no monitor for the mac mini... And you can get white PCs too.
We own 3 computers (PCs, but not all running windows) The current price to buy them all new from dell Netbook $200 (tiny book-sized laptop with huge batterylife, ultra portable) Laptop $499 Desktop (with 17 inch widescreen flat) $479 total: $1178 Total for 1 macbook (with lower stats than all but the netbook by the way) $1299 It is really hard for me to justify getting a mac.
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