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I have my mortgage and primary checking account at the same bank, therefore they give me just about every feature on a checking account free. I try to get everything on billpay (billpay mostly works behind the scenes, they have direct bank wire agreements with many companies, and anything else they draft a money order/cashier's check and mail it) We get it free, but depending on how much a bank charged for billpay, it would probably be a savings over 1950s style bill...
Quote: Originally Posted by UUMom I'm in New England, and I tried to give a local store owner my CC today. She was all over that in a negative way. "Don't you realize we have to increase our prices to cover CC fees? We get charged for every CC transaction. Don't you have any cash?" Her husband then steps in and says 'Look, you're a nice girl. I've taken your check before, so I know you. We'll take your CC today if you don't have cash. But next time,...
I have written about 3 checks in my life, all around 9 years ago. It astounds me that people still write checks, and barring really old people, I have only had bad business dealings with check writers, the only people who have ever written me checks, did so because they did not actually have the money.
moving expenses, closing costs?
could it be latex? There are reported cases of light, early respitory ONLY (sometimes unnoticable) and late high exposure symptoms with latex... and of course that would be more common than iron, or even sugar source (unless there were protiens in the sugars) In this case the man was under with no apparent exposure symptoms for Thirty-five minutes http://sciencelinks.jp/j-east/articl...03A0558581.php
people buy gold because they think what works for nations and billionaires will work for the average person, in general they are wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by mar123 When the first bailout happened, I heard that the money amounted to 10K for every man, woman, and child. I suggested giving every man, woman, and child 10K. Let people pay their bills, whatever those bills might be, and the money would trickle up. What sucks now is the banks have the money and the people still owe it. I can see calling my lender and asking them to apply my 10K part of the money to my bills,...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist How many amps or volts or whatever does one need for a thing like a crockpot? A crock pot uses about 2amp@115 volts (250 watt) In order to get 250 watt out of a car battery you would need: about 21amp@12 volts. Most cars would not have a problem running this while on, however this would drain your battery to death in probably 1 hour or less if the car was not running. Power inverters (which you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Scullery What about medical bills? You can't give back your care, but the debt is still able to be discharged in bankruptcy. Nobody dies because they couldn't afford life saving tuition.
Student loan interest is tax deductable, I would love to see principle also be tax deductable, because c'mon really education is an expense that helps the country. That is my middle ground. A sizable tax break for people diligently paying back their loans, no need to modify existing loans between parties that may not want to modify them, best of all, no government payout (just decreased tax revenue)
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