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so where in Southern California are you staying, that makes a big difference.
I wrote about it in my blog, but yeah overall it was awesome, difficult, but awesome.
In 1943 Dr. Leo Kanner of Johns Hopkins University described autism for the first time. Oxytocin and vasopressin were isolated and synthesized by Vincent du Vigneaud in 1953, work for which he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1955. Next.
we have had about 3 bread machines since we got married. None of them cost more than 8 dollars at the thrift store. This is one of those items that you will either use till it breaks, or buy then never use, so it is a really good thing to buy at a thrift store.
yeah Jet's schedule is demolished, and he is melting down over and over, but man inbetween the meltdowns he is really excited (over excited)
Welcome to special needs, and MDC. I an an Aspie myself, and so is my son, and many of my family members. We are each different, but when it comes to tempers and frustration we are all pretty easy once you crack the code: Protein - All of us get grouchy when we are overly hungry, and for us nothing works quicker than protein... Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, peanut butter, and cheese are among our favorite quick fixes. Sleep - if the sleep is awful, the day is awful....
Well as long as I am showing off, here is Marvel's Christmas gift her own mini ballet studio http://shaggydaddy.com/sd/?p=66 In the reflection you can see jet's stimmy Ikea swing and our messy playroom
Quote: Originally Posted by mama_tigress hmm...eat a lot of yams? African yams, not sweet potatoes. There's some idea that that increases twinning rates in some tribes...but I forget, it may be discounted. I dunno if you were joking, but Wild Yam has been proven to raise Progesterone levels, which increases the chance for implantation, so in theory if you are predisposed for double ovulation, wild yam should increase your chance of fraternal...
My lunch at work is almost always some left-overs. I scoup whatever meal we had into (single servings) quart freezer bags; usually labelled, because it stinks to get fondue that you thought was broccli cheese soup (true story), drop it in the freezer then I take it to work. We NEVER eat left-overs for dinner, but we often eat leftovers for snacks, or work-lunch, and even if we are sure we will use it tomorrow, it goes in the freezer because plans change. My lunch is...
If I want a room clean I clean it. If the kids want a room clean, they clean it.
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