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Quote: Originally Posted by momwifenurse sure you can! Go bury one and then dig it up heck, you are only 6 hours from Dinosaur Valley in Glenrose Texas... you could be laying in a real dinosaur footprint tonight if you left right now
Quote: Originally Posted by Roar In our culture MOST parents say "I love you" to their babies long before they are verbal enough to say it back and long before the child really understands the meaning of what they are saying. I am not comfortable with saying that these parents are on a path of making it all about them - are you? "I love you" isn't a question. Many people treat it like one, but it's not something that should require a response...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roar Thought rearrangement? What does that mean? I was referring to this from the song: Quote: And after ironing out the creases, They came up with missing pieces, and the general tone of it. I didn't mean to be overly harsh, but what I mean is that we all have to love each other on our own terms. It is TORTURE for me to hug and kiss my parents. Torture. I love my parents, I respect...
I wish that autism awareness was about how the autistic feels, rather than being all about how everyone around him feels. Are parents really that needy that their child's thoughts need to be rearanged just so that the child can fulfil the parent's need to hear "I love you" It makes me want to cry, but as someone who is on the autistic spectrum, I guess it only matters if my parents cry. Too bad autism speaks isn't called "NTs Listen"
I most likely have aspergers. I knew at least 50 dinosaur names by first grade, and I would get annoyed when someone would mistake an Allosaurus with a t-rex for example. I have alway followed my obsessions. I have a cartogoraphy obsession and a computer obsession as well. For my 12th birthday my dad got me Borland C++ (an expensive compiler for computer programming) because it was the only thing I wanted. I have followed my obsessions and now they feed my family. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Earth Angel How did Sylar lose his powers? Obviously he isn't taking that "cocktail" that Peter was taking. Do you think they gave him that "experimental" shot that Bob and Mohinder were talking about last week???? sylar's powers were learned... If a certain Haitian individual could remove knowledge with surgical precision...
Quote: Originally Posted by mum2tori Oh and why did Elle cut Peter's hair short? I like it but why did she? because the actor who plays Peter was filming a movie where he had short hair "Pathology"
claire already speculated about the blood thing... I dunno if peter's blood could do that because his is a power that turns on and off. Now we have 2 times where Mama petrelli has used her powers (once early the first season) it didn't come together for me until just now. Her power is PERFECT for her and it makes a lot of sense. Did anybody else catch it ?
Quote: Originally Posted by crl He does eat cooked broccoli all the time and peanut butter without complaint peanuts are generally not a problem for OAS, neither is cooked broccli. sorry it is really hard to button down.
I know how you feel... last thanksgiving is the reason (well ok "last straw" is more accurate) why we no longer speak to most of my family. This year we are having thanksgiving with some friends, and their son happens to be a non-eater too. But of course we are a small and understanding group, something that is harder to come by with family in my experience.
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