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We have used cloth napkins and cleaning cloths for a long time, prefer to make at least some of our gifts, grow a huge garden and can extra produce, recycle, use a clothesline as often as we can, and simply try to make the most of everything rather than just tossing it immediately.  Before recycling the large cardboard box from my daughter's new carseat we had a wonderful time painting it and playing in it over the course of several days.
That sounds like a very lucky baby to have you and your DH for parents no matter what the outcome!
We chose to have nothing with batteries in our house or to take the batteries out. It was the only way I could stand certain baby items since I couldn't find simple items. They all had flashy lights, sounds, or vibrations. Drove me crazy. And, can you imagine the cost of batteries if you actually used all of those items that require batteries? DH would have to get a second job! Now we also avoid toys with batteries. Fortunately they don't scare DS but he only gets...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amandamanda so i think for our next kiddo closer to 3 years apart will be what we are aiming for. is anyone else already starting to think about spacing for future kids or am i just a weirdo? I think about spacing for future kids all the time. Mostly because I am terrified of having a surprise earlier than what we would choose ourselves and I want to be vigilant about BC. We are going for the almost 3 year spacing...
I have a few aches and pains but mostly good. And the aches and pains are usually when I try to do too much-like work on a farm for 5 hours harvesting. That may have been a little too much. I still get pretty tired but only need a nap once or twice a week instead of feeling the need for one every day so that's a great improvement!
You're definitely not alone. It's happened a couple of times to me this time around-especially when those darn sneezes sneak up on me. I've been doing kegals as I think of them but apparently not often enough.
Congrats, River! Sounds like your doctor is being really supportive of you! That's wonderful news. Sme-Yea for heat and a heartbeat! That is the most amazing sound ever! Babymkes3-I'm glad your kids seem to be doing so well with the difficult news. Give them an extra hug from your DDC! AFM-I took DS to get his hair cut yesterday and now he looks so grown up. His hair grows so slowly that this is only his 3rd haircut so I'm still not used to the dramatic...
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What is your favorite pregnancy food right now?
New Posts  All Forums: