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Do they sleep with white noise?  That can really help light sleepers get more sleep.
I have no idea where to put this question, but I suppose nighttime parenting will do.   We are thinking of going camping in the Flordia panhandle over Thanksgiving.  In Late Nov/Early Dec the temps average out in the 70-44 range.  We live in Georgia, so we aren't used to super cold weather or anything.  If the nighttime temperature gets into the mid-forties, is that too cold for a 5.5 yr old and a 2.5 yr old?  We aren't experienced campers, and have no idea.  We will...
I don't know anything about any of those apartment complexes. I live in Cumming (and am friends with thorn!) which is just a bit north of Alpharetta. Alpharetta is a great community and I've never heard of a "bad part of town" with regards to Alpharetta. High speed internet should not be a problem as this is a techy part of metro Atl. We have a very active API (Attachment Parenting International) group in the Alpharetta area. Come check us out if you end up here!
Quote: Originally Posted by etsdtm99 I do not think non-human milk for a toddler is a form of weaning any more than any other food/drink.. i think of it as just another food/drink .. no different from eating yogurt or cheese or having some ice cream or something.. now, if you were giving milk instead of nursing, or every so many hours or something it might be more like weaning.. but otherwise i don't see why a diverse diet that includes milk is a way of...
I'm tandeming my almost 4 yr old and my 9 month old. I really want to keep going and let my DS decide when he's ready to wean but it is hurting when he nurses. I don't know why. When he finishes nursing there are big, deep teeth marks in my breast that stay there for a long time. He isn't biting. I really think it's just that his jaw is strong and he can suck pretty hard and his mouth is bigger and he has to pull my nipple in further to nurse. I find myself limiting...
I think we'll come today! Btw, can whoever has the Mercedes R class, PM me? We're not really in the market yet, but Dh thinks that will probably be our next car. We'll need something bigger eventually and he really wants to get another diesel which rules out almost everything else.
We may come. Depending on how long it takes me to get my children dressed and motivated to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by nanamar can we join you? what park? we live in kennesaw Of course! I don't think there are any restrictions to coming to the playgroup other than being a member here. I'm not a regular at the playgroups but show up now and then.
Quote: Originally Posted by lisavark A friend of mine was seeing her through most of her pregnancy and LOVED her. My friend had had multiple miscarriages before she started seeing Diane, and Diane was the only person to seriously look into what was causing them. Diane's treatment enabled my friend to carry a baby to term. My friend ended up deciding to have a homebirth, but she loved Diane so much that she had Diane over for dinner so she could tell her...
We're planning to be there. I'm also supposed to meet another crunchy group there.
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