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I  put new tires on this thing this year.    It has new breaks,  but the transmission went out and that plus a few other issues like the timing belt change will cost more than it is worth.    Does anyone have a frugal way to dispose of a car,   should I sell it for scrap? donate it ? Thanks   I have driven that thing for 13 years and am sorry to say goodbye to it :)
I think in my state the landlord may collect more than 1 months rent from a tenant who is leaving but there is an exception that if the landlord rerents the unit the person who left should get their money back. I wound up paying 2 months additional once :(
glad to hear of your success :)
I hope that you can figure out exactly what cps is requiring of you so you keep your babies!  
Maybe you could send out invites for a birthday dinner,   which at the least would jog some memories.     Facebook is really good for birthday acknowledgements also.
I think the daily pay is best,   she may need to ask you to hold the check,  but that is better than having a larger amount go unpaid, or having her forget later.    it sounds like she s having financial troubles and things may get better or else get worse and worse.  D
One option is to hire a GAL instead of a PE.  Good luck ladies with your court cases :)
you've gotta do what you've gotta do,   if they will be supportive of you maybe he deserves a little attitude.
hugs poppymama!!  
One thing you may want to do is sit him down with a real life example of someone who is paying child-support and raising a baby while in High School.
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