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Commenting so I can find this easier in stupid tapatalk.
Hugs, ladies! For negative tests and overindulging DHs. I agree, have whatever convo you need to have while everyone is sober and in good spirits. We've had that convo here, too, and it went well. So if he drinks to much I just remind him he's sleeping on the couch.
so sorry Buko, totally sucks. Good grief, Jean, that kind of health stuff going on with no answers... Super lame. Do you see a gastro specialist? DH and i have our anniversary on the 28th! Hope you are all looking forward to low stress holidays! We are keeping it simple. Just us here at home. But then I'll need groceries immediately after
No big plans here for first bday. Baby's first bday is actually a pretty big deal in Hawaiian culture, tons of people and tons of food involved. We did a big thing for DS1, less big for DS2 and I think we'll just do family for DD. I was thinking I might do cupcakes but I kinda like the pie idea! A friend of mine is moving so I just got a free kitchen for Freya, but it IS one of the ugly plastic ones, so I don't know if it'll stay. The boys each have a wood...
Oh my gosh, this baby and her nursing-yoga. I don't think my other nurslings were quite this active ... Latched on, body twisted, feet planted, cute little buns in the air. I need to have someone take a pic for me because I'm sure I'll look back on it and smile, but for now it's just kind of annoying. Plus she keeps herself awake doing this at night before bed.
I started with a small stainless bottle that has a sport cap, I'm pretty sure it's a Kleen Kanteen. Anyway, when I tip it upside down for her a little drips out. So she started sucking on that and occasionally chokes on too much water Then I got a contigo with a flip up straw, which is mine for night nursing when I wake up thirsty, and she basically latches onto it because the straw part is pretty wide. But I like it because you have to work at it a bit, so she doesn't...
I'm doing pretty well (thanks for the love on losing my kitty) and recovering from the laundry fallout of the great puke-fest. I think we'll be staying home most of this week, which usually takes its toll on our sanity a bit, so we don't risk spreading the ick. Ds2 still has an icky tummy at night so... Freya is good. Loves crawling around and it seems to have disturbed the first few nights of sleep, but we've had some normal nights since then. Still no teeth but we...
We just endured some hellish days here, none of it to do with Freya. Older ds was puke-sick last Friday night and a bit on Saturday. So he got better and we stayed home a few days to make sure we didn't spread it if any of the rest of us had it. Freya started crawling, yay! Then Wednesday night, ALL night long, ds2 was up puking and ds1 was up and feeling icky but no vomit. Yes, the night before thanksgiving. Ds2 did so good getting to the bathroom multiple times,...
Yay! Sent you a PM.
Ugh, mamas with older kids... HOW are you dealing with little stuff on the floor?! DH found little choking hazards in Freya's hands twice today and she's barely moving around much. She has her little area in the living room with us and I check the floor every time I set her down, but she found a penny in the shelf nearby. Waaaaaahhhh! She's been SO grumpy today and is happy on the floor so she can move around a bit. What do I doooooo??
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