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Oh gosh, I was wondering about that!! I just saw the picture but didn't read cause I don't need it. Boo. My kitty is an old guy, too, but I think he could still jump a gate. We'll find out soon enough. But he's normally only inside at night since he's got a healthy fear of my 5 year old. But if I need to I'll lift him over into his food area I'll do that and he'll yell at me when he wants out.
I totally just saw a baby gate with a cat door in it!! I can't link now but check amazon.
Good lord, I still can't believe so many of you have standing and mobile babies. I'm not readyyyyy!!! Lego pieces, coins, dog food (which is in the kitchen, and I'll put a baby gate up to keep her out. If she's in there with me it's snack time in the high chair), random objects the boys insist are treasure... All over. Just when I think it's swept up and put away I find a tiny Lego in a corner or discover a pile of rocks someone was saving. She will just have to be...
Cheese... Most stinky poop ever. Gross. As much as she loved it, I think I'm going to be giving that rarely. Her poops are still mostly thin and are a total pita to spray off the dipes. Can we just move from breastmilk poo right into normal poo that rolls off the diaper, please? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
I finally relented and got tapatalk, to see if the infuriating slow typing would be better. Looks like it is all good on here, yay! Aaaaand boys are fighting. More later Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
Oh my gosh, whispering baby.... SO cute!! Yeah, I've got a screamer here. Especially when she's tired. Right in my ear. Love the new what are WE eating thread, will pop in over there when the typing isn't slow. For now I'm going to take my multivitamin, which I always forget, because my food sucked today... Oops.
Here's my tablecloth shorty! With the crappy iPad camera
This one is just killing me. I just bought some hair things, since I know we'll need them, so she will get used to me messing with her hair. Never had to do this before, the boys both got haircuts after their first bdays.
Oh, poo, I was hoping we were all on there already
Oh yay! A secret group, perfect. I've been wishing we could connect on fb somehow, to share stuff in a not so public way, but didn't want to seem like a weirdo asking to be fb friends since we don't "know" each other. Things are well here, ugh but the slow typing thing is happening here today. Boo! No crawling (fine by me!), nursing is great, no teeth yet, she loves her food (I hate the diapers), sleep is pretty good, no AF yet, and I (thankfully) don't have to deal...
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