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I use coconut oil as well.
Here is a link to the glucose test info from the book Obstetric Myths vs. Research Realities.   I took the test with my first pregnancy and it was drinking a *really* syrupy orange soda and then doing the test an hour later.  It was pretty gross, and I was an occasional soda drinker back then.   I don't know, maybe just ask if you refuse the test if they won't let you try for a VBAC?  I guess it really depends on how you feel about the people in the practice and...
Yes, this was my standard outfit for my several years of nursing. Also small breasted here, so it worked well for me.
It's totally normal to start producing and even leaking colostrum while you're still pregnant. It's also totally normal for this to NOT happen. Either way, it doesn't mean you'll make more or less milk when baby comes. If you do start leaking, it's pretty much guaranteed to happen at inconvenient moments! So have some nursing pads ready. I had to wear nursing pads around during the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy but not at all with my second. I had no problems...
The way the weight is distributed over a large surface area is totally different than something like furniture legs, too. Imagine a 100 lb. person standing on your hand in flat sneakers. Now imagine that person standing on your hand in a high heel. That heel is going to hurt and feel "heavier" even though it's the same weight, just distributed through a smaller point. A birthing tub, even though heavy, is going to be spread out and the weight will be distributed over the...
iamkateiam, that is a great suggestion! My bp is also elevated at any doctor or dentist visit. I guess I'm anxious about both! I've been able to check mine at home this time, too.
Ooh, thanks! Yay for pictures!
I've never had a flu shot. Never had a doc pressure me about it either.
I don't have curly hair but my hair is thick and gets really frizzy/fuzzy looking.  not split ends, though... weird.     I also love using oil of some kind to tame that fuzzy look.  My favorite is actually an Alba brand kukui oil.  Coconut oil works for me too but only a tiny tiny bit or it looks really oily.   I can't wash daily and only use baking soda "wash" vinegar "conditioner" and water to rinse about once every 7-9 days.  All the days in between are just a...
Yes, I started using some just before I got pregnant and they say not to use them during pregnancy. I liked them, though. And I LOVE that article about the squatting.
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