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I'm also on state insurance (basically to cover a possible emergency transfer to hospital) and it covers nothing that goes through the midwife (who is also a naturopathic doctor).  Not even basic blood work requests sent to the lab by my midwife. Still, won't go back to the hospital unless I have to for some unforeseen medical reason.  
http://www.pregnantpossibilities.com/2011/pelvic-floor-exercises-squatting/ I ran across this a long time ago and was glad I could find it again. I try to squat when I'm doing stuff on the floor (Legos, coloring, etc) with my kids.
I had 2nd degree tears with both of mine and healing was minor.  Sorry, so experience with an epi.   The first time (hospital birth) they gave me this spray that was supposed to numb the area to deal with any pain.  It wasn't particularly painful (maybe a little when urinating but if you lean forward then urine doesn't get on the wound) but it was SUPER itchy.  The spray stuff helped only a little bit.   The second time (home birth) my midwife gave me this huge...
Very nice! I've started making flannel wipes, made one tiny diaper and a couple of fleece covers. No pics, but maybe I'll get inspired to take some. I have 2 wet bags from before that I made using PUL and snaps around the edges so they open up completely to wash. Always hated the wet bags that end up holding detergent residue even when washed inside out.
Yes, I'd love to know what herbs are used! Please let us know if you find out.
I love the idea of a blessingway, especially for babies that are not firsts.  The event seems to focus more on sending the mama blessings rather than giving her blankets and onesies (though baby gifts could certainly be included as well).   I've seen neat ideas where each guest brings a special bead and maybe gives some positive words with the bead or something special about her friendship with the mama.  Then all beads are made into a bracelet and the bracelet, with...
  This is just how I was feeling until I started sleeping on my side.   So sorry you're dealing with all this and lack of sleep and working a bunch too!!!   Hope you can find a good combination of pillows or get a body pillow.  I wouldn't waste the money on a specialty pregnancy pillow, since I also saw they have very mixed reviews.  Most of the ones I saw had reviewers who said the pillow was just too flat and didn't really add any support.   I did have a body pillow...
I also only use water to clean my skin (and don't wear makeup) and that seems to be the best thing for my skin. I've had to start using a moisturizer around my hairline but was thinking of going back to cleansing with coconut oil.  I did this in the past and it worked well, but have no idea if it would work with cystic acne. Sounds like you have a lot of options to try out, hope something helps!
Well last night, on the firmer mattress, was better for the most part. I'm in a lot less pain today so either it was a better bed for me or my hips are getting used to it. But then I was wide awake at 4a.m. And had to get in a really odd position to finally sleep again... Woke up with one leg asleep and tingly. I used to only sleep on my sides but started getting shoulder pain when my colitis started up (I can end up with inflammation anywhere during a flare up). And...
I've got multiple pillows going on and I'm still in pain. The bed I sleep on is softer so I may switch to the firmer bed or try sleeping against the wall (so the wall supports my back). I gotta figure something out though or I'll be downright miserable before long.
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