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here is my 10 yr old sons http://goldenlearningchest.blogspot.com/ he would love some followers
We homeschoool year round and love it. I have fiund that there are so many educational things to do during the summer. We use the 6 weeks on 1 week off year  round  set up we take extra days when we need to though we just use that as a rough guide. I have 4 kids and when ever I added a new born I usually took more time out torward the end of pregnancy that after the baby was born. I was just so tired and uncomfortable at the end I did most my teaching from the couch. I...
I was 135 before my last 3 back to back pregnancies  I am now 180 and feel unhealthy and out of shape. I have had chronic back problems all my life but it has been WAY worse so I am thinking my weight has a lot to do with it ( which is why I don’t work out often ) I am committed to  pushing through the pain and exercising everyday to drop the weight and help my back and overall health.   I have maintained my weight with my current diet. I eat A traditional foods type...
  http://www2.shidonni.com/v2/LandingPage.aspx my kids love this, not as educational as I would like  but very creative
I really like mailbox
Wow that sounds cool but a lot of prep time ahead, With 4 kids and no room in my small house I don't know if that would be doable but I am totally subbing for ways to make it work for us.
that is a very hard choice, no advice ,but hugs to you     edited to say congrats on your BFP
Quote: Originally Posted by cyncyn This talking globe. She still plays with it every week. We have a regular globe! It is silent! Anything that makes noise bugs me, like fake phones or remote controls. She had a couple of those when she was little that she liked. The one noisy thing she didn't like was the steering wheel that shakes and makes noises like an engine and a remote door lock sound. A guy also yells Rev it up! or something like that. Totally...
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse Well, . Do you ask people if they have alcohol in their house? Do you assume that parents who smoke cigarettes are going to then allow your kids to smoke them in their house, or even smoke around them? I don't think I'd allow my kids in the house of someone who I thought lacked the kind of judgment that would be required to smoke pot around someone else's child or give them access to it - whether I knew they smoked...
well we didn't go to the zoo and took a nice walk then enjoyed the sunshine and falling leaves in our backyard for an hour now the 2 littles are napping and the olders are playing in the leaves. It ended up being a beautiful day 65 and sunny, thanks for all your input mamas
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