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thanks for all the replys i really like the rosemary bush idea.where do you get them and how do you keep them in the winter?
just looking for suggesstions on the whole christmas tree thing, not only do we find it wasteful but we also have little room,6 people in an itty-bitty house. our older kids like decorating it so what else can we do in liue-of? what does everybody else do?
my lo had some goop coming out of his eye last week and i squirted breastmilk in there and like magic it cleared right up! i might try that with the stuffy nose too
i've heard that about apples and yes she eats lots of veggies all my kids love them and i am making the switch to eliminate as much white foods as i can as i know most of them are stripped of anything being remotely good for you,, i have even started using raw sugar and it makes the best cup of coffee!i have also cut waaay down on milk which has me worried that she's not getting enough calcium and she doesn't eat cheese anymore and bananas? i can't remember the last time...
yeah we tried pear juice and it didn't really help we also gave her prunes and she hates them.
hey it's been a while but i didn't know where else to go. my dd is 22 months and has had a chronic problem with constipation since she stopped bfing,she was bf until she was 12 months and then stopped b\c i dried up due to being pregnant. anyway i've cut out almost all dairy,we've been doing flax-seed oil along with flax-seeds(i put it in my family's food) we eat lots of veggies and she drinks a ton of water. when she poos it's always really hard and really big i mean...
just an idea but how about cafepress.com?
i know i haven't been on for awhile but my son was born via c-section june 20 and the next morning at 4:00a.m. he was transferred to the nicu at a different hospital 1 hour from our home where he stayed for a week my poor little man had an infection in his lungs and had to be treated with iv antibiotics. i went home from the hospital less than 24hrs. post-op to be with my other children and to go see my Jack everyday. we finally got him home last monday and though i am up...
well ladies, this is it!tomorrow morning i am going to the hospital to meet the new man in my life via c-section!though i can't v-bac like i would've wanted to i have to remember that the end result is the same,a beautiful baby! hmmm,not such a bad result wish me luck cuz' i am sooo nervous!
i went to the hospital today and had all my pre-admission testing done today. it's kinda freakin' me out b/c i know exactly when and what's coming,kwim? although it is mighty convenient knowing when i will meet my new little man . i know my older 2 kids will be great but i'm worried about my little girl, she's only 19 months.soo, a question for all the nnew mamas with toddlers.... how are they taking to the new arrival?
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